Leasing offer: VW Golf GTI without down payment

The VW Golf GTI is the ultimate compact sports car. Now in its eighth generation, the Golf GTI once again impresses with a successful combination of sportiness and suitability for everyday use. In the AUTO BILD driving report, colleague Andreas May is enthusiastic about the 245 hp GTI: “Yes, the GTI is a dream car. Chassis? Wow! Steering: As direct and authoritative as the works council when it rails against the boss.”
The basic Golf 8 GTI with six-speed manual transmission costs at least 38,250 euros, while the GTI Clubsport with 300 hp is more than 5,000 euros more expensive. Fortunately, there are always attractive leasing offers for the compact sports car from Wolfsburg!
The VW Golf 8 GTI as a 245 hp basic version is currently available from (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) for EUR 289 gross per month in private leasing. A deposit is not due. The term is 48 months, but can alternatively be shortened to 24 months (347 euros gross).
The annual free kilometers are given as 10,000 km. If that’s not enough, you can increase the mileage to 15,000 km (312 euros), 20,000 km (333 euros) or 25,000 km (369 euros). (maintenance costs calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Leasing costs for two years Golf GTI: almost 10,000 euros

Regardless of the term and mileage package, there is a one-off gross fee of 980 euros for the transfer, bringing the total leasing costs to 14,852 euros (289 euros times 48 plus 980 euros) for a 48-month term or 9308 euros (347 euros times 24 plus 980 euros) for 24 months Sum runtime.

There is a brand new Golf GTI in the exterior color “Pure White” with 245 hp and six-speed manual transmission. If you prefer the DSG version, you have to shell out an extra 20 euros per month.

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