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Leave the orange bitter on Tuesday, this is the ideal king wine | Culinary

In Valencia, Spain, the fifth generation of an orange grower and a young winemaker started working on this … and how!

Tarongino, as their new line is called, was the hit along the Spanish costas last summer. Even the corona crisis could not stop sales and now it is time for the rest of Europe, the Netherlands at the forefront.

Initially we were quite skeptical when the Dutch importer asked if he could send a sample bottle. Apart from good cider, fruit wine never really impressed. In addition, according to European Union directives, Tarongino cannot be called wine at all. This is not made from grapes and the alcohol percentage is only 7 percent too low.

We don’t care, because when we taste the still orange wine (they also have a sparkling variant), we are immediately sold. Orange blossom and marmalade spray from the glass. Fortunately not too sweet, thanks to sufficient fresh acidity and a bitterness from the skins. It looks a bit like Aperol Spritz, but more exciting, more elegant and just a lot better.

Tarongino especially comes into its own on warm spring and summer days … and of course on King’s Day! Okay, we may not party en masse along the canals and at fairs, but a drink in the garden should be possible, especially with a glass of orange juice.

Leave the orange bitter next Tuesday. We have finally found the ideal king wine. Haha, oranges from orange!

Tarongino de Naranjas Valencianos,, € 10.99


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