Lebanon’s president is called a “tea thief”

Sri Lanka donated 1,675 kilos of tea to the victims of Beirut. But the tea was only given to soldiers of the Presidential Guard.

After the devastating explosion in Beirut, Sri Lanke sent 1,675 kilos of tea to the victims of the disaster. The ambassador brought the present to the president. And Michel Aoun had it distributed to the families of soldiers in the Presidential Guard.

This sparked outrage among critics. The hashtag “Tee_Dieb” made the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday. “The distribution of aid to your entourage is scandalous,” wrote the former MP Paula Yacoubian, who resigned after the explosion.

How are credits distributed?

Many saw the handling of the tea donation as an example of passing on international aid. “Just because he can’t consume everything himself, it was distributed to his presidential guard,” tweeted Lebanese media activist Lara Bitar. “Now imagine how help / credits are distributed.”

The presidential office was again surprised at how “some commentators” “played up” the topic. Among the soldiers of the presidential guard were some who, like other citizens, had suffered severe damage, the office said via Twitter.

190 dead, 6,000 injured

More than 190 people were killed and more than 6,000 injured in the August 4 explosion. Large parts of the port and surrounding residential areas have been destroyed. For months there have been repeated protests in Lebanon against the political elite, which the demonstrators accuse of corruption and self-enrichment.


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