Legendary Atari 2600 as a Lego set from 1.8. available for 240 euros

Lego and retro gaming fans should mark August 1st. From then on, the Atari 2600 Lego set will be available.

There is now a concrete launch date for the Lego set Atari 2600 (10306): According to this Lego shop page, the set from the Lego Icons series will be available from August 1, 2022 for 239.99 euros. The set is aimed at adults over the age of 18 and contains a total of 2,532 parts and one figure.

Clamping block fans can assemble the Atari 2600, 3 modules and the joystick


Clamping block fans can assemble the Atari 2600, 3 modules and the joystick


The set is interesting for Lego fans who are interested in retro gaming. You can not only assemble the Atari 2600, but as a bonus there are also the legendary game modules “Asteroids”, “Centipede” and “Adventure” including a small module holder in the 1980s look.

For each of these games, 3D scenes can be recreated, in which motifs known from the games can be found. The set is rounded off by an Atari joystick that can be assembled from clamping blocks, which is movable and should feel like the original.

Lego set includes Easter Egg

Lego specifies the dimensions of the set as 8 x 33 x 22 centimeters. There are working switches on the front of the game console. The bottom line is that Lego promises “a lot of nostalgia”, because with this set adults should be able to relax and enjoy the “building experience” in peace and quiet.

In addition, Lego has also hidden an Easter egg. As a tip, there is the hint that “Adventure” was the first video game with an Easter Egg, which was taken into account in the Lego set.

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