Lego classic car pick-up – AUTO BILD

A trip back to the 1950s: the Lego pick-up truck is similar to the Ford F-100 from that time, but is not based on a real model.

Practice check of vintage pick-ups

Vintage pick-up
  • Gear steering
  • Nice cockpit
  • Seasonal accessories

price € 129.99

Set for Lego collectors: building fun for all ages

The assembly of the 1677 parts is a lot of fun, some stones have to be covered with stickers. In around four hours a pretty, 33 centimeter long model is created that is more suitable for looking than for playing. Cool details like the gear steering, the beautifully designed cockpit and the V8 engine stand out. Nice: the seasonal accessories, such as the Advent wreath for the winter. At the price of 129.99 euros, however, slight color errors are annoying, so some body parts stand out in another red.

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