Lego Time Machine from Back to the Future available now

Fans of the “Back to the Future” films can look forward to a new Lego set. It has been available since April 1st.

The Lego set “The Time Machine from Back to the Future” (10300) has been available since April 1, 2022 for 169.99 euros. While you could still buy up to three products during the night, the order quantity is now limited to one set. Described as the “ultimate building project for all Back to the Future fans”, the set is aimed at adults as a “Lego premium building set”.

View the Lego Time Machine exclusively at the Lego Shop

The Lego hobbyists can build a detailed DeLorean including the time machine upgrade from Dr. Recreate Emmet “Doc” Brown. Of course including the flux compensator with 1.21 gigawatts of power, the plutonium chamber, the lightning rod and the foldable hover conversion tires from part 2 of the film trilogy. The third part is also included in the set: the vehicle may be fitted with whitewall tires and a printed circuit board may be mounted on the bonnet.

The set consists of 1872 parts plus two minifigures


The set consists of 1872 parts plus two minifigures


Ultimately, all three variants of the vehicle from the “Back to the Future” films can be recreated with the set, so there are three building options:

  • Vehicle with lightning rod and plutonium chamber

  • Vehicle with fusion generator and hover conversion

  • Vehicle with white wall tires and circuit board

The wing doors can be opened and thus reveal the dashboard with the date display printed on it. As a special feature, there is also a flux compensator that lights up in the vehicle.

The set consists of a total of 1,872 parts and comes with the two mini figures “Doc Brown” and “Marty McFly”. The size of the model: It is 12 centimeters high, 35 centimeters long and 19 centimeters wide.

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