Lenovo Legion notebooks no longer boot after BIOS update

Some Lenovo Legion series notebooks refuse to boot after updating the BIOS.

Anyone who recently installed a BIOS update on their Lenovo notebook could face problems. Apparently, a BIOS update distributed via the Lenovo Vantage app is causing the boot process on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 on certain devices, specifically the Legion series.

Blue screens and lower performance

Older devices from the Legion 5 and Legion 7 series are primarily affected. The BIOS update version GKCN53WW causes random blue screens when booting and generates the general error message “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE”. There are also reports of low frame rates on Reddit. All owners of the notebooks were notified of the update by the Lenovo Vantage app via a pop-up message, even in games or other applications. It was pointed out that the update would optimize the computer. Even now, the faulty BIOS update is still offered via the app. It is unclear how many users worldwide are affected by the error. The manufacturer has not yet spoken out. Since the update is classified as “critical”, many users could initiate an update to secure their computer.

Uninstall as a way out

Uninstalling an already installed BIOS update that is causing problems is a good way out. All you have to do is download and import the latest update (GKCN50WW). However, only the manufacturer can offer a permanent remedy by releasing a working BIOS version. However, this is still pending.

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