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Less cinema, bus and train and culture: How Germans want to behave after Corona

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Even if the Corona crisis has subsided, many Germans want to behave differently. This was the result of a survey by the market research company McKinsey.

For example: 40 percent of those surveyed want to use public transport less frequently than before the pandemic.

Many respondents also want to attend events such as concerts less often – a significant number of them even no longer.

Many consumers want to change their everyday behavior due to the corona crisis: even after the pandemic has subsided, they want to go to the cinema or concerts less, travel less frequently and avoid public transport. This emerges from a representative survey published by the market research company McKinsey on Thursday.

As long as there is no vaccine against the coronavirus available, around 40 percent of the survey says they will use public transport such as buses, trains or planes less frequently. Instead, they want to walk more often, or use their bikes or their own cars.

A third of those surveyed want to go to concerts, the theater or the cinema less frequently, even after the Corona crisis has subsided, and 26 percent do not want to go at all. And at least around 29 percent of those surveyed stated that they wanted to travel less professionally or privately even after the Corona crisis had subsided. Another 27 percent even plan to do without it entirely. Around 30 percent announced that they would like to spend less money on luxury products or unnecessary purchases in the future. According to the survey, every quarter wants to pay more attention to the price when shopping in the future. Read Too

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