Less working people are poor, self-employed people have to be careful

This is evident from the new figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

In 2019, 2.1 percent of workers were still part of a family with an income below the low-income threshold. In 2013, it was even 3.5 percent.

Higher risk of poverty for entrepreneurs

With an income below the low-income threshold, a household is at risk of poverty. For a single person the limit is 1100 euros net, for a couple without children 1550 euros and for a couple with two children 2110 euros.

The figures also show that entrepreneurs run a much higher risk of poverty than people in paid employment. Only 1.2 percent of workers are at risk of poverty.

That percentage is already much higher for entrepreneurs with staff, at 2.8 percent. Freelancers have to be very careful. 5.9% of them live in a low-income household.

Working full time helps a lot

No surprise, perhaps, but the figures show once again how much it saves to work full-time. Of the entrepreneurs with staff and the self-employed who did their work part-time, about 17 percent had a low income. That percentage is also much lower for employees, at 2.8 percent.

Full-time workers are rarely in real financial trouble. For employees, self-employed persons and self-employed persons with staff, the poverty risk is less than 1 percent if they are working full-time. Long-term risk of poverty, ie a number of years in a row, is virtually non-existent among people who work full-time.

Hospitality and the arts

If you want to limit the risk of poverty as much as possible, it is better to become self-employed in the hospitality industry, education or the cultural sector. Between 9 and 12 percent of the self-employed in those sectors live on a low family income.

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