Letter to the customer: Tesla reports on winter tests with Semi, confirming later production

Customers who have ordered a semi from Tesla will still not receive the electric truck this year – but at least in the meantime mail, with which they will be informed about news in the program. The latest of this letter from Tesla’s semi-team was made available to a reader by It speaks of successful tests under extreme winter conditions, but the formulation for the market launch of the Tesla Semi is even more cautious than in the latest quarterly report.

Tesla Semi 2019, 2020, now 2021

Tesla had already announced in its quarterly report at the end of April that it would be 2021 until the first semi with their huge batteries were delivered. The electric semitrailer presented in 2017 should actually come in 2019 until it was said last July that production would start at the end of 2020.

And while Tesla only wrote briefly in the new quarterly report from the end of April in general and without giving reasons, the first semi-deliveries would be postponed until 2021, the semi-team in his letter to customers is now at least a little more specific: the deliveries would be “due the effects of Covid-19 ”begin later, it says. In addition, there is only talk of “starting a low-volume production” in 2021, which sounds more like the end than the beginning of the coming year.

Semi-orderers like the German teslamag reader must therefore be patient until they get the electric tractor with the remarkable performance data announced by Tesla, such as a range of up to 500 miles and acceleration to 60 miles in under 5 seconds – at low costs according to Tesla – to get. After the presentation it became known that many well-known companies have already ordered double-digit numbers of the Tesla articulated lorry.

Factory and batteries open for Tesla Semi

But Tesla is still lacking both a production facility for it (while Musk has at least roughly called the middle of the United States for the cyber truck and wants to be more specific soon) as well as the batteries. The world is waiting for a battery day that has been postponed several times, during which Tesla wants to present its plans for it. According to reports, part of this is a close partnership with CATL from China, but so far only a cheap battery for the smallest Chinese Tesla Model 3 is said to have emerged.

After all, Tesla uses the time to test and refine his semi, as is now in the letter to customers. By the end of the first quarter there had been intensive winter tests at temperatures of down to minus 40 degrees, the team writes – a YouTuber who the Tesla Semi drove in front of the camera there should be able to confirm that. The tests in Alaska were about optimizing traction and stability control, which reacts quickly thanks to electrical technology, reports Tesla. In addition, it was also that one of the combustion trucks that was there for comparison purposes could not stand the cold and had to be dragged to a workshop.


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