Lewandowski: ‘Italy was tactically the boss in all areas’

“Tactically things looked weak with us, both offensive and defensive. Nothing went as it should”, captain Robert Lewandowski was clear.

Italy, which missed the necessary players, Poland was the boss throughout the game. Jorginho used a penalty kick in the 27th minute. Shortly before the end, the 2-0 came in the name of substitute Domenico Berardi.

Italy thus took over the lead in group 1 of the A division and qualifies for the final tournament of the Nations League when Bosnia & Herzegovina is also beaten on Wednesday. In that case, the Italians may also organize the final of the Nations League in their own country.

“Technique is one thing, tactics is another,” said Lewandowski, who played the entire game. “We knew that long-term possession of the ball could be the key to success in this game. But we have in no way made it difficult for the Italians. We still have a lot of work to do.”

The Netherlands only has a chance of winning the group, if Italy loses points against the already degraded Bosnia, and Orange itself wins against Poland.


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