LG Display plans OLED displays with 20-30 and 42 inches for 2021

A first look at a “Next Generation OLED” with improved brightness from LG Display

Panel maker LG Display announced today that it will start producing 42-inch and 83-inch OLED TV displays this year, in addition to its next-generation OLED technology and OLEDs in 20 up to 30 inches.

In the past few years, it has felt a bit like development around OLED display technology has come to a standstill. Apparently, LG Display has simply taken a “long run-up” to present all the innovations at once. At this point, I would like to point out again that LG Display is a display manufacturer and not the consumer electronics division of LG Electronics. This means that the following developments will not only hit LG at some point in 2021, but could also soon be used by Sony, Panasonic or Philips.

New 42 inch 4K OLED TV

A new 48 inch OLED was presented last year. Many users longed for a smaller 4K OLED due to a lack of space or a narrow seat pitch. And even we have to admit that the 48 incher is not only good for gaming, but also works very well. The range of sizes is to be expanded even further in 2021. In addition to a huge 83 incher with 4K resolution, there should also be a more compact 42-inch version. The latter can certainly not only be used as a TV set, but also in monitor displays.

Small 20-30 inch OLEDs

In addition, LG Display was able to confirm to that further OLED panels from 20 to 30 inches will go into production this year. There are no details yet about the resolution of these smaller displays. LG Display may also be serving the monitor market with widescreen displays.


LG Display also announced a next-generation OLED panel with around 20% higher efficiency. The announcement most likely relates to the brighter OLED panel that LG Electronics announced as “OLED evo” for the G1 Gallery range: “The new 77-inch OLED display from LG Display shows significant advances in image quality through newly developed and highly efficient materials and the addition of a layer to the display, improving its efficiency by around 20%. Higher efficiency means that the display improves its brightness in order to realize more vivid images “, said LG Display.

OLED product is expected to almost double in 2021

The demand for entertainment products, i.e. TV sets, is still at a very high level thanks to the corona pandemic. LG Display plans to almost double its production volume in 2021, from 4.5 million panels to around z to 8 million panels. This is also made possible by the newly opened factory in China, which should significantly increase the volume in full operation.


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