LG Display ridicules Mini LED: LCD technology from the old iron

LG presents the OLED evo 2021 properly

That seems a bit strange: LG will be launching TVs with mini-LED technology in 2021, but is not afraid to smile at the backlights.

We remember: LG is at war with Samsung’s compatriots. This often produces strange flowers. For example, Samsung is only too happy to dissolve OLED technology, but at the same time blocks itself against Dolby Vision. LG, on the other hand, is now using mini-LED backlights for its TV generation for 2021, but is grinning at the same time about the technology. The CTO of the subsidiary LG Display, Yoon-Soo-Young, has stated that he does not consider mini-LEDs to be a new technology or a particular advance. The old limits are still set to LCD technology.

Instead, LG Display invited them to take a look at comparison tests that show OLED and mini LED TVs in different environments. The superiority of OLED televisions in all situations was emphasized. OLED TVs can control the pixels individually, while mini-LED backlights also work with local dimming and individual zones. As an example, LG Display showed a brightly burning torch against a black background. The display is not a challenge for the OLEDs, mini-LEDs have to capitulate and continue to show clear blooming.

In addition, LG Display showed with a high-speed camera that the OLED TVs ran without flickering, which was visible on the mini-LED models. Soo-Young therefore warned not to understand mini-LED as a new technology: “Ultimately, it is a technology that slightly improves the backlighting of LCD televisions.” OLED is still the best choice for premium TVs at the moment. In the future, the successor will not be Mini LED, but Micro LED.

Micro LED is currently still too expensive for the masses

At present, however, the inorganic micro-LED technology is still too expensive for the general public. Samsung will release a TV for private customers in 2021, but this is also in price regions around or over 100,000 euros. It will be years before micro LEDs are affordable for most customers. OLED is currently the only premium technology for the mass market.


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