LG display shows bendable 48 inch OLED with integrated sound (CSO)

The 48 inch OLED with integrated cinematic sound is transformed into a curved “gaming dream” at the push of a button

LG Display present their first flexible 48 inch 4K OLED with integrated sound (Cinematic Sound OLED) at CES 2021. In the future, the model could primarily appeal to gamers.

What LG Display presents at the Consumer Electronics Show mostly finds its way into end products for private consumers and industry in the following years. Perhaps the first flexible 4K OLED display with 48 inches. It should be noted that the idea of ​​a flexible display is not entirely new. In 2014, LG Display presented an Ultra HD television with a flexible OLED panel. However, the advantage of the curved displays for television and streaming was not really noticeable from several meters away – which is probably the reason why all TV manufacturers have turned their backs on the “curved” display. With the developed target group of gamers, such a display suddenly makes sense again.

As a rule, the players sit closer to the display, which we can also see in our own usage behavior. The distance to the 55 inch 4K OLED often “shrinks” to 2-2.5 meters when the device is connected to a PC or game console. The presented 48 inch model can be converted into a curved display at the push of a button, with a maximum bending radius of 1,000R. The visual properties of the display are not negatively affected by the bending. For regular TV and streaming, the screen can be flattened again in seconds.

48 inch display with Crystal Sound OLED

In addition, the 48 inch OLED display is equipped with CSO technology (Cinematic Sound OLED). This means that the television does not transmit sound in the classic way via integrated speakers. The display is set in motion by so-called actuators and thus becomes a “loudspeaker” itself. Very cool when the gaming sound really comes out of the display / picture and doesn’t hit the user underneath or from the side. Incidentally, this sound technology is currently only used by Sony Electronics. The Japanese TV manufacturer markets the direct sound output as “Acoustic Surface Audio”.

0.1ms recovery time, 120Hz and VRR

The CSO technology, which has been further developed by LG Display, relies on actuators that now only measure 0.6mm (previously 9mm). In this way, the OLED display can be kept slim as usual. A further indication of the target group of gamers is provided by the information on response time and support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). LG Display promises one Response time of the display of 0.1 ms (not to be confused with the inpug lag), one 120Hz refresh rate and VRR support for 40-120Hz. The resolution of the display was not mentioned explicitly. However, it should be the classic Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels).

LG Display not only supplies LG Electronics, but also Sony, Panasonic, Philips (TP Vision) and Loewe with OLED displays. We are curious whether one of these manufacturers will present a market-ready product at CES 2021.


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