LG is working on a dual screen smartphone with a rotating screen

LG is working on a dual screen smartphone with a rotating screen – newsmonkey

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LG is, according to multiple sources, working on a smartphone with two screens that sit one above the other. By rotating the top screen you get to see the bottom and you have a device in a T-shape.

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In the news: According to the South Korean news sites Electronic Times and Korea Herald, smartphone manufacturer LG has developed a very striking prototype smartphone with the code name Wing.

The details: The LG Wing is a smartphone with two screens on top of each other, the top of which you can tilt.

  • The top display is 6.8 inches tall and can be tilted so that it is across the phone.
  • Underneath is one second 4 inch screen with a 1: 1 aspect ratio.
  • The second screen is intended to complement the first screen. For example, you can display a keyboard or a program to edit photos or videos. You can then view that photo or video horizontally on the top screen.
  • Furthermore, the LG Wing would be compatible with 5G and have a Snapdragon 7-series processor.
  • As camera has opted for a triple camera with a 64 MP main lens.
  • The cost price is estimated by ETNews at 1 million won (754 euros).

Will it be there? It is important to know that this is still a prototype. So it is not at all certain whether the LG Wing will ever really come on the market. Still, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. LG is known for regularly launching experimental smartphones.


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