LG OLED: prices for the TV models of 2020 are here

LG OLED 2020
LG’s new OLED TVs offer numerous features

LG today confirmed the prices for its new OLED TVs of 2020. The spectrum ranges from 1,799 for the smallest 4K model to 59,999 euros for the rollable LG OLED65RX9LA.

LG presented eleven new OLED models. Among them is the series of the GX Gallery, which should score with its slim design. The case of the 65-inch device is only 20 mm thick. A special wall bracket is used. which enables installation very close to the wall. In addition, one also serves the desire for smaller diagonals, because the CX series contains a TV with 4K resolution and 48 inch diagonal. LG is also giving out a price for its roll-up OLED TV R, which should cost 59,999 euros, but whose availability is still open – what a surprise.

LG has also introduced the new LG OLED ZX with 8K, which will be available with diagonals of 77 and 88 inches. We will deal with them in a separate article. At the heart of the new OLED from the C series onwards is the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI processor. In addition, of course, the new TVs also offer Dolby Vision IQ. The new Filmmaker Mode is also on board – just like support for Dolby Atmos.

In addition, LG also wants to attract gamers with its OLED, which is why the HGiG mode of the HDR Gaming Interest Group is used, which is supposed to ensure a clean experience with HDR gaming. In addition, TÜV Rheinland has obtained Eye Comfort Display certification for its OLED TVs. As if that weren’t enough, the LG OLEDs work at 120 Hz and are compatible with Nvidia G-Sync.

LG wants to convince more customers of its OLED offer

Sports fans not only want to attract the South Koreans with the picture quality, but they also offer a function called “Sports Alert”, which can display current information on sports such as soccer, basketball or rugby. Your own favorite team can even be individually selected for automatic notifications.

Of course, webOS again serves as the operating system for the new OLED. Apps for e.g. Netflix, Apple TV + and Disney + are guaranteed. In addition, the new OLED TVs also support Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. The Apple TV app and Apple TV + have also been available on the 2019 OLEDs since the beginning of the year. In the course of this year, these will also be rolled out for the 2018 LG TVs via an OTA firmware update, according to LG.

Availability and prices of the LG OLED of 2020:

  • OLED65RX9LA – Availability still open – 59,999 euros
  • OLED65WX9LA – April 2020 – 4,999 euros
  • OLED77GX9LA – May 2020 – 7,999 euros
  • OLED65GX9LA – April 2020 – 3,999 euros
  • OLED55GX9LA – April 2020 – 2,499 euros
  • OLED77CX9LA – May 2020 – 6,999 euros
  • OLED65CX9LA – April 2020 – 3,099 euros
  • OLED55CX9LA – April 2020 – 2,299 euros
  • OLED48CX9LB – May 2020 – 1,799 euros

Overview of LG 4K 8K OLED TV 2020:


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