LG OLED: Suddenly commercials for hardware stores and co. In the content store

LG is now showing commercials in the content store on its OLED TVs in the USA.
LG is now showing commercials in the content store on its OLED TVs in the USA.

LG is starting to display advertising in its content store. This also included spots for hardware stores and other partners.

LG is of course not the first manufacturer to be negative here: Even Samsung sometimes shows advertisements for all kinds of products and manufacturers on the surface of its televisions – much to the annoyance of some owners. This even led the Federal Cartel Office to describe this as “unreasonable nuisance” for users. Unfortunately, LG has to be counted among the “harassers”.

It remains to be seen whether the South Koreans have already started doing this in Europe. Chris Welch, editor of the US magazine The Verge, was looking for updates in the LG content store on his OLED CX from 2020. He was then happily shown a commercial for Ace hardware while an app was being updated. The advertisement popped up as an autoplay ad with sound.

Advertising at Welch did not provide any incentives to buy, but rather caused anger. According to Welch, he is already aware that many manufacturers are currently operating with advertising, but here he feels too overwhelmed. Manufacturers may be able to lower the prices of their televisions in this way. But at some point there will be a limit to what customers are willing to tolerate.

Send the TV offline?

One way to get around such barriers is to leave the television offline and only send it to the network for firmware updates at irregular intervals. Of course, this then overrides any smart functions – such as integrated apps. But there are reasons why we regularly recommend external solutions such as the Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield TV for this purpose.

It is unclear whether LG will also use this aggressive form of advertising in Europe or whether it is currently limited to the USA. Because in the EU the laws regarding data protection and privacy as well as advertising are stricter. We’ll see how things develop.


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