LG OLED: Update should reduce problems with raised black levels in VRR

LG will provide its OLED TVs with an update for improved VRR.
LG will provide its OLED TVs with an update for improved VRR.

LG will soon release an update for its 2020 OLED TVs. It is intended to alleviate a problem with VRR usage.

As a reminder: VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) is a feature of HDMI 2.1. If the TV and graphics card or game console support VRR, then uneven frame rates can be compensated and there is no stuttering. Depending on the game, this can make gaming much more pleasant. However, VRR is a function that currently hardly runs smoothly on any TV.

We reported about it: On LG’s OLEDs, when VRR is activated, there is a faulty gamma curve and thus increased black levels. So far it looked as if the problem could only be solved with new hardware. An update is now planned, which should appear this week for LG’s OLED TVs from 2020. The new firmware appears for the BX, CX, GX and ZX and is already listed on the support sites of LG US and UK, but should of course also reach other countries, such as Germany.

After installing the firmware, a new option appears that allows the user to adjust the black levels in VRR mode himself. The option is called “Fine Tune Dark Areas” and is located in the area for “Image” and then “Advanced Settings”. LG also wants to roll out the new firmware for its OLED televisions from 2019 – including the very popular C9. However, no specific period can be specified here.

Firmware only alleviates the VRR problem

In fact, the update is only intended to alleviate the VRR problem and not completely eradicate it. As previously suspected, adjustments to the panels would be necessary for this. The new firmware, which should also be distributed in Germany in the near future, has the following version numbers:

  • LG OLED55BX, OLED65BX: 03.21.80
  • LG OLED48CX, OLED55CX, OLED65CX, OLED77CX: 03.21.18
  • LG OLED55GX, OLED65GX, OLED77GX: 03.21.18
  • LG OLED77ZX, OLED88ZX: 03.11.40

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