LG presents affordable entry-level OLED with HDMI 2.0

LG A1 4K OLED TV: Unfortunately there is still no image of the cheap OLED TV | Image:

LG has announced a new A1 OLED TV series for 2021. The models are available in 48 to 77 inches and should offer an affordable entry into the OLED world. However, there are technical drawbacks!

For years we have wanted a cheap OLED for the “masses” and this year LG Electronics finally seems to be delivering! Parallel to the B1, C1, G1 (all 4K) and Z1 models (8K) there will be an affordable A1 series. Available in 48, 55, 65 and 77 inches will the A1 OLED televisions take advantage of the self-luminous display technology also transport in medium price categories. Means a perfect black level, high contrast, exact color representation and thus the best conditions for an optimal HDR representation are given. Like the high-end versions, the A1 OLED supports HDR10 as well as HLG, Dolby Vision and even Dolby Vision IQ.

50 / 60Hz and HDMI 2.0 only

However, there are also compromises in terms of technology that could / should deter gamers and enthusiasts in particular from making a purchase. The A1 now has a OLED panel with a refresh rate of 50/60 Hz. All other models are equipped with a 100/120 Hz panel. Accordingly, there will be no HDMI 2.1 connections in the A1 OLED, as 4K @ 120Hz processing cannot be implemented. The four HDMI 2.0 However, ports still support eARC and ALLM. VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) is unfortunately not available due to the low frame rate.

Alpha Gen 7 processor with “OLED Motion”

Even with the black frame insertion “OLED Motion” the model does not rely on the latest “Pro” version, but gets the still good version from last year. The image processing is done by the Alpha 7 Gen 4 processorwhich is also used in the B1 models. The Game Optimizer, Filmmaker Mode and the HGiG picture mode. Dolby Atmos, Bluetooth, WiFi, Apple AirPlay 2, HomeKit, voice assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa) and the newest webOS 6.0 Operating system round off the overall package.

Who is the A1 series for?

With the A1 OLED TVs, LG Electronics may want to prepare for the upcoming flood of new display technologies (primarily mini-LED). To claim that the A1 series is not suitable for gamers would be a bit presumptuous. Even if there is no VRR and no 4K @ 120Hz processing takes place, the 4K OLED televisions will certainly be suitable for most gaming sessions. On the PlayStation 5, for example, there are almost no games in native 4K @ 120Hz or VRR and yet many with TV sets are very satisfied with their TV set with 50 / 60Hz. The focus with this model is – we suspect – on price-sensitive gamers and perhaps the older target group who prefer linear television, streaming and films via disc. At the right price, the A1 could become a top seller in 2021.

A1 OLED prices and availability:

Unfortunately, we cannot answer your questions about the price and availability of the A1 model series. It was only communicated that the A1 is classified under the B1 series (you can also see the equipment) and should therefore also be offered more cheaply. We are especially excited about the start of sales. The C / G / Z series are usually available from March to May, while the B series is not added until autumn.


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