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Lice Mother film to be seen in the cinema from 30 June | Movie

In the film, director Anton (Diederik Ebbinge) is no longer there at primary school De Klimop. That’s why Miss Ank (Ilse Warringa) tries to get things back on track. That is not without a struggle: there is understaffing, corona has put everything on edge and the parents are even more demanding than before.

With the film, protagonist Ilse Warringa makes her directorial debut. Almost all regular cast members of the series return. A new addition to the cast would be actress Beppie Melissen, although it is not known who she will play. Ebbinge is not participating.

The Lice Mother was broadcast in 2018 and 2019 and told about the ups and downs at primary school De Klimop, where Miss Ank and director Anton are in charge. The series attracted millions of viewers every week and was awarded the prestigious Nipkow disc. The series stopped after two seasons, partly because writer and actor Diederik Ebbinge no longer felt like it.


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