Lidl, Amazon, Rewe: Crisis winners are attracting more and more job seekers


Germany is in the “lockdown light” for around two and a half weeks. For example, cultural institutions and catering establishments had to close again, but the entire retail trade and schools remain open. A study by the job platform Indeed, which received in advance, shows that job seekers have adjusted to the new conditions.

That means: Even in times of crisis, supposedly secure employers and industries are more and more interesting when looking for a job. According to Indeed, the discounter Lidl, logistics company DHL and food retailer Rewe have recorded the largest increase in search queries since the start of the stricter Corona requirements on November 2, 2020. Jobs in healthcare and the public sector are also particularly in demand.

Lidl, DHL and Rewe are particularly popular with job seekers

Since the grocery stores remained open at all times in the spring, even under even stricter conditions, jobs at the corresponding companies are particularly interesting for job seekers. Jobs in this area are being sought much more frequently than in the two and a half weeks before the editions at the beginning of November.

According to Indeed, searches for Lidl increased by 28, for DHL by 22 and for Rewe by 17 percent. Jobs at Deutsche Post, Edeka, the Bundeswehr, the police and Amazon were also sought more frequently than in the period before the new Corona requirements. With Lidl, Edeka and Rewe, there are three food retailers in the top eight. “In view of the fact that supermarkets and discounters have so far been least affected by the restrictions, this focus of job seekers also makes sense,” says Annina Hering, economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab. “Many companies in this area are actually still looking for new staff and withdrawing talent from other sectors that are not doing so well. Job seekers follow the increasing demand here to a certain extent, ”the expert continues.

Deutsche Post wants to hire 10,000 temporary workers for the Christmas business

With Amazon, DHL and Deutsche Post, there are also three companies in the ranking that are benefiting from the accelerated trend towards e-commerce. At the same time, these companies are looking for additional workers for the upcoming Christmas business. Deutsche Post recently announced that it would hire 10,000 temporary workers for the Christmas business. It is “logical” that job seekers focus on the industries that offer the greatest opportunities, says Annina Hering.

If job seekers do not start their research directly with an employer in mind, they first look for a field of activity or an industry. Indeed has also analyzed these searches. The result: At 26 percent, the health care system is searched for significantly more often than in the previous month. This is followed by searches for home office, hospital, stock removal, laboratory and public service. Thus the crisis winners are becoming more and more interesting for job seekers.


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