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The bargain battle continues in the new year: Lidl, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd will have car accessories on sale at low prices from Thursday (January 6th) – in some parts of Germany, thanks to the holiday, the offers will even apply from January 5th. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the brochures for you!

Winter accessories on offer at Lidl

Lidl will be offering two different types of windscreen antifreeze from Thursday. If you don’t want to mix yourself, the windscreen antifreeze ready-mix Energizer from Nigrin could be more interesting. The windshield antifreeze remains effective down to minus 22 degrees Celsius and is available in 5-liter canisters for 6.99 euros from Thursday. The windscreen antifreeze concentrate Turbo, also from Nigrin, remains effective up to minus 60 degrees Celsius. Here the 5-liter canister will cost 9.99 euros from January 6th. A thermal window protector is available for 7.99 euros to protect against a frozen window in winter and against heat build-up in summer.
Selected products in a tabular overview

Ultimate Speed ​​portable battery compressor at Lidl

29.99 EUR

Ultimate Speed ​​car seat cover made of lambskin at Lidl

EUR 24.99

Ultimate Speed ​​trunk organizer at Lidl

5.99 EUR

Ultimate Speed ​​car replacement lamp box at Lidl

5.99 EUR

More car accessories offers at Lidl

from 3.99 EUR

Battery charger in the Lidl deal

From Thursday there will be a battery charger with jump start function from the brand Ultimate Speed ​​at Lidl. The charger is suitable for motorcycle or car batteries with 6 or 12 volts and a capacity of 8 to 250 ampere hours. An alternator tester is also integrated to test the performance. The charger will be available from Lidl from Thursday for € 44.99.
But that was not all that Lidl has in store for drivers: The seat covers made of real lambskin from the Ultimate Speed ​​brand should ensure a more comfortable seat climate. The seat covers have a universal size that fits many vehicles. Depending on the type list, the seat covers are also approved for vehicles with side airbags. The seat covers are available for 24.99 euros each. The trunk organizer can provide more order in the trunk for 5.99 euros. Other car accessories such as a portable battery compressor for 29.99 euros, an ABC fire extinguisher for 9.99 euros or an LED light for 6.99 euros will be available from Lidl from Thursday.

Car accessories on offer at Aldi

Also at Aldi Nord there will be car accessories on offer from Thursday. The heated seat cover from the Auto XS brand is approved for all common vehicles with or without side airbags and is operated via the cigarette lighter. You can choose between two heat levels. The heated seat cover will be available from Thursday for 12.99 euros. A lambskin cover is also available from Aldi Nord for 24.99 euros, which is supposed to warm in winter and cool in summer. Also from the Auto XS brand, a charger will be available from Thursday for 17.99 euros that can be used for 6 volt or 12 volt batteries. Other car accessories such as a telescopic ice scraper for 4.99 euros can be found from Thursday at Aldi Nord.
At Aldi Süd there will be a large selection of useful magnetic items from Thursday. The selection consists of several different sized magnetic trays, a magnetic rail, a combined magnetizer / demagnetizer, a bar magnet and an inspection mirror. The magnetic items cost 2.99 euros per piece or set. Also available for 2.99 euros are ice scrapers from Kungs, which scored “satisfactory” in the AUTO BILD ice scraper test in 2021. But even more car accessories, including a torque wrench for 17.99 euros, can be purchased from Aldi Süd from Thursday.

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