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Tools at Lidl and Aldi on offer

From Monday (September 13th) the discounter Lidl, Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd will have tools on offer at low prices. AUTO BILD has a look at the brochures for you!

A.On Monday (September 13th), do-it-yourselfers and hobby screwdrivers can choose between many inexpensive tool offers. Because not only Lidl attracts with cheap tool deals, Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd also have useful little helpers for hobby workshops and screw garage on offer. AUTO BILD has all the information for you!
tool to offer

Makita tool set

Price *: 103.94 euros

Haskyy jointed ratchet wrench

Price *: 46.99 euros

WORKPRO socket wrench set

Price *: 25.99 euros

GOODYEAR torque wrench

Price *: 49.99 euros

Ginsco car trim clips

Price *: 19.98 euros

KNIPEX pliers wrench

Price *: 37.99 euros

Power shaft trolley jack

Price *: 164.90 euros

PHYLES molding wedges

Price *: 11.04 euros

* Price: Amazon price on 09/10/2021

Tools on offer at Lidl

A vice with an integrated anvil will be available from Lidl on Monday. That should be 19.99 euros Parallel vice made of cast iron, which has a span of 100 millimeters and is equipped with a steel spindle. For hobby coachbuilders could the tin snips from the Parkside brand interesting, which will be on offer from Monday. The tin snips are made of forged chrome-vanadium steel. The tin snips are suitable for sheet metal thicknesses of up to 1.2 millimeters (stainless steel: 0.8 millimeters) and are equipped with a cutting edge of around 40 millimeters in length. Each set, which consists of left, straight and right cutting scissors, is priced at 9.99 euros. Can also be useful for sheet metal work the digital caliper and the digital protractor the Parkside house brand, which will also be available from Monday. The caliper can measure internal and external dimensions up to 150 millimeters, the protractor angles between 0 and 360 degrees. Including the case, the caliper or protractor cost 9.99 euros each. From Monday there will be more tool bargains at Lidl.

Inexpensive tools from Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd

The Ferrex compressor, which will be available from Aldi-Nord from Monday, offers a three-year guarantee, an output of 1500 watts and a tank volume of 50 liters. The compressor has a maximum working pressure of 10 bar and a maximum suction capacity of 260 liters per minute. It is available for 129.99 euros. For less chaos in the workshop, they can Professional organizer boxes the company Workzone, which are on offer at both Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd. They are available from Monday for 5.99 euros. Also from the company Workzone there will be one from Monday at Aldi-Nord Precision mechanic set. The set consists of 30 bits, a side cutter, a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers. The set costs 7.99 including the plastic box. But there are other tool offers at Aldi: Aldi-Süd has a multifunctional table and Aldi-Nord has hammer drills from Einhell for 39.99 euros, various magnetic items for 2.99 euros each or a screwdriver set for 8.99 euros.

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