Lidl car subscription: Elaris Finn for 222 euros a month

After the Nissan Leaf, which was sold out in a flash, discounter Lidl has had a new electric car on offer since June 27, 2022! The Stromer comes from China, is sold in cooperation with Like2Drive as a car subscription and goes by the name of Elaris Finn.

Elaris Finn, never heard of it? never mind The two-door small car is only 2.87 meters long, looks like one of the curious 45 km/h models that sneak around with insurance plates, but it is a fully-fledged electric car: 48 hp, 115 km/h fast and with a range of up to 300 kilometers.

Auto subscription


Get to know the e-car: VW ID.3 with a flexible subscription – available within 4 weeks!

The subscription offer from VW Financial Services: ID.3 from 499 euros/month – with a flat rate, short minimum terms and monthly cancellation.

In co-operation with


Even if the 32-kWh battery only makes 200 kilometers possible in practice, the two-door as an agile city runabout should offer a thoroughly useful everyday use. Because the small battery also keeps the weight below the one-ton limit. In addition, the battery can be completely refilled within an hour using the standard CCS system at a quick charging point.

The Finn is a product of the German company Elaris, based in Grünstadt near Mannheim, which has set itself the goal of having electric cars developed and produced in China. In addition to the Finn, other models such as the SUV Beo, the small car Pio and the van Caro are planned.

At the moment, the Finn is only announced on the manufacturer’s website. Sales and service are to take place via the Euromaster branches.

Elaris Finn subscription: one year, 10,000 km included

The list price of the Smart competitor is 20,330 euros; minus 6000 euros environmental bonus 14,330 euros. Like2Drive will be delivering the model from September at a monthly price of 269 euros as a subscription. The term is one year, 10,000 kilometers are included.

Anyone who orders the two-door via the Lidl app saves 47 euros per month and only pays 222 euros per month. The total saving is thus 564 euros.

Equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, hands-free system, LED headlights, DAB+ radio and navigation system, the Elaris Finn offers more than adequate comfort for everyday driving. Only around 17 centimeters longer than the Smart EQ fortwo (from 21,940 euros), the Elaris Finn aims exactly in this gap.
Even ahead of the Smart and the Dacia Spring (from 22,550 euros), the Chinese two-seater should be the cheapest e-car on the German market when it enters the market.

The Lidl offer runs until July 10th. But since there are only 100 cars nationwide for the discount deal, the campaign should be sold out before then.

This is how the subscription works

Ordering is only possible via the Lidl Plus app. The user receives a discount code via the “Partner benefits” button and is then forwarded to the Like2Drive homepage. The Elaris Finn actually costs 269 euros a month there. After entering the code, the monthly rate is reduced by 47 euros.

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