Lidl: E-bikes on offer – up to 43 percent discount

Lidl is granting a discount of up to 43 percent on 15 different e-bike models in its online shop.

If you want to use the spring weather for long bike tours and are still looking for a suitable e-bike, you might find what you are looking for at Lidl this week. The discounter grants price reductions on numerous e-bike models in its online shop. When buying, Lidl customers can save up to 800 euros.

E-bike offers in the Lidl online shop

Buyers of the e-bike Alu-ATB from Prophete, for example, get a 33 percent discount. Instead of the RRP of 1,939.94 euros, the bike at Lidl currently only costs 1.299 euros. The men’s bike has a wheel size of 29 inches and an aluminum frame. Due to its construction, the e-bike weighs only 25.9 kilograms without a battery. The integrated battery is mounted on the frame and, depending on the riding style, can cover a maximum of 130 kilometers. Charging takes a little over five hours. Other features include a nine-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes.

Prophete E-Bike Alu-ATB for 1,299 euros at Lidl

Another bargain is the e-bike Alu-MTB 650B Graveler Big&Fast. Buyers can save 13 percent with this model from Prophete. Instead of the RRP of 1,499.95 euros, Lidl is currently offering the e-bike for 1,299 euros. The model has a wheel size of 27.5 inches. The frame is made of aluminum, so the bike weighs only 21 kilograms. Depending on how you drive, the battery can cover around 100 kilometers and fully charges in four to five hours. The equipment also includes hydraulic disc brakes and a derailleur with eight gears.

Prophete e-bike aluminum MTB 640B for 1,299 euros at Lidl

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