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If you have a major home improvement project planned for the New Year or want to upgrade your hobby room, then it might be worth taking a look at the Lidl discount store from Thursday (January 13th): Lidl will have tools on offer from Thursday. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the brochure for you!

Cordless tools on offer at Lidl

The cordless drill from the Parkside Performance brand, which will be on sale at Lidl from Thursday, is equipped with a brushless motor. The cordless drill has a maximum torque of 60 Newton meters. You can choose between 21 torque levels and one drilling level. The clamping range of the drill chuck is between 1.5 and 13 millimeters. The cordless drill is available without battery and charger for 49.99 euros. A suitable battery with charger will be available from Lidl from Thursday for 24.99 euros.
Selected products in a tabular overview

Parkside Performace cordless drill at Lidl

49.99 EUR

Parkside Performance cordless angle grinder at Lidl

49.99 EUR

Parkside 20V charger and 2 Ah battery at Lidl

EUR 24.99

Parkside ceramic fan heater at Lidl

EUR 24.99

Further tool offers at Lidl

from 4.99 EUR

But the battery can not only be used in the drill / driver. At the same time, Lidl also has a cordless angle grinder from the Parkside Performance brand on offer. The angle grinder achieves a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute, disks with a size of up to 125 millimeters in diameter can be used. Including a wrench and a grinding wheel, but without a battery and charger, the angle grinder will be available from Thursday for 49.99 euros. But also other cordless tools such as a hammer drill, a jigsaw or a hacksaw will be available at Lidl from Thursday.

Workshop accessories cheap

If the hobby room or the screw garage cools down quickly, the ceramic fan heater from Parkside, which will be on offer at Lidl from Monday, could be of interest. The fan is equipped with overheating protection with automatic switch-off and a thermostat with two different heating levels. The blower is available from Thursday for 24.99 euros. From Thursday, Lidl will be offering various LED hand lights that work with batteries for EUR 3.99 each. 3M fabric tape is available in different colors for EUR 2.79 each. Further tool deals will be available at Lidl from Thursday.

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