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For all do-it-yourselfers and hobby mechanics, a look at Lidl could be worthwhile from Monday (March 28). From Monday, the discounter will have tools on offer at reasonable prices. Among other things, there is a plasma cutter. AUTO BILD has all the information!

Plasma cutter on offer at Lidl

The plasma cutter from Parkside’s own brand could be particularly interesting for hobby body builders. The plasma cutter, which is suitable for coarser sheet metal work, is compatible with commercially available compressors. The plasma jet is electronically controlled, the cutting current is between 15 and 40 amps.

Accessories for the car

The cutting capacity is 12 millimeters for steel, 10 millimeters for iron, 8 millimeters for aluminum and stainless steel and 4 millimeters for copper. Accessories include a ground wire with clamp, three torch sleeves, three electrodes and a compressed air hose with a quick connect system. The plasma cutter is available from Monday for 129 euros.

Compressor on sale

From Monday, Lidl will be offering a Parkside compressor. The compressor is equipped with an oil-free two-cylinder motor, which is said to be quite quiet at 68 decibels. The boiler has a volume of 24 liters and is equipped with a condensation drain plug. The compressor is continuously adjustable from 0 to 8 bar. The effective delivery volume at 7 bar is around 80 liters per minute. Without accessories, the compressor weighs 25 kilograms. The compressor will be available for 129 euros. But there are also accessories: for 19.99 euros there is a compressed air hose reel with 10 meters of pressure hose, for 9.99 euros an accessory set with various adapters and a filling gun with pressure indicator is available.

Cheap tool in the Lidl deal

The cordless precision drill grinder from the Parkside brand, which will be available from Lidl on Monday, is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. Including 44 attachments, an interchangeable tool and five collets, the cordless precision drill grinder costs EUR 19.99. A 276-piece precision drill grinder accessory set will be available from Monday for EUR 12.99. The Parkside metal cut-off grinder, which will also be on sale at Lidl from Monday, is suitable for heavier work. The saw is suitable for cutting steel, non-ferrous metals, cast and iron profiles. Commercial cutting discs with a diameter of up to 180 millimeters can be used. The miter angle is continuously adjustable between 0 and 45 degrees. The metal cut-off grinder is available for EUR 49.99. More tools will be available from Lidl from Monday.

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