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Hobby screwdrivers and do-it-yourselfers who still want to upgrade their hobby room or workshop could take a look at the Lidl discount store from Thursday (November 11th). From Thursday, Lidl will have tools on offer at low prices. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the brochure for you!

Compressor in the Lidl range

From Thursday there will be a Parkside compressor on offer at Lidl. The compressor is equipped with a low-noise and low-vibration 2.45 HP motor with oil lubrication. The boiler has a volume of 24 liters and is equipped with a condensate drain plug. The compressor is continuously adjustable from 0 to 10 bar. The effective delivery rate at 7 bar is approximately 103 liters per minute. Without accessories, the compressor weighs 26.8 kilograms. Including five meters of compressed air hose, the compressor costs 99.99 euros. But accessories are also provided: For 19.99 euros there is a compressed air hose reel with 20 meters of pressure hose, for 9.99 euros an accessory set with various adapters and a filling gun with pressure indicator is available.
Selected products in a tabular overview

Parkside compressor at Lidl

99.99 EUR

Parkside compressed air hose reel at Lidl

19.99 EUR

Parkside compressed air accessory set at Lidl

9.99 EUR

Parkside battery-powered hand lamp at Lidl

17.99 EUR

Parkside cordless drill at Lidl

49.99 EUR

Further tool offers at Lidl

from 1.99 EUR

Cordless drill / driver inexpensive

The cordless drill from Parkside, which will also be available from Lidl from Thursday, offers 25 torque levels and one drill level. In first gear, the speed can be between 0 and 400 revolutions per minute, in second gear between 0 and 1400. The maximum torque of the cordless drill is 45 Newton meters. The maximum drilling diameter is 30 millimeters for a wood drill and 13 millimeters for a steel drill. Including a 20-volt lithium-ion battery and charger, the cordless drill costs 49.99 euros.

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