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Winter car accessories on offer at Lidl

From Thursday (November 4th), there will be useful winter accessories for the car at the discounter Lidl – including chargers and windscreen antifreeze. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the brochure for you!

D.he cold and dark season is just around the corner – so now is exactly the right time to get your car ready for winter. The discounter Lidl will be offering various winter accessories for the car at low prices from Thursday (November 4th). AUTO BILD has all the information for you!

Battery charger on offer at Lidl

From Thursday, Lidl will be offering a battery charger with jump start function from the Ultimate Speed ​​brand. The charger is suitable for motorcycle or car batteries with 6 or 12 volts and a capacity of 8 to 250 ampere hours. An alternator tester is also integrated to test the performance. The charger will be available from Lidl from Thursday for € 44.99. From Thursday, Lidl will be offering a mobile autostart aid with a power bank for 59.99 euros, also from the Ultimate Speed ​​brand. The device protects against reverse polarity, short circuit or overload during use. It is equipped with a 12 volt battery, B outputs and a micro USB input. A jump start cable with surge protection will also be available from Thursday for 12.99 euros.

Best products for wheel swapping to offer

Kunzer WK 1075 FSH

Test winner

Price *: 239.00 euros

Michelin 92416

Price-performance winner

Price *: 79.99 euros

Hazet 5122-3 CT

Test winner

Price *: 149.00 euros

Goodyear 75522

Price-performance winner

Price *: 48.00 euros

Makita DTW 285

Test winner

Price *: 259.00 euros

* Price: Amazon price on November 2nd, 2021

Winter accessories cheap in the Lidl deal

Lidl will be offering two different types of windscreen antifreeze from Thursday. If you don’t want to mix yourself, the windscreen antifreeze mix from Nigrin could be more interesting. The windshield antifreeze remains effective down to minus 22 degrees Celsius and is available in 5-liter canisters for 6.99 euros from Thursday. The windscreen antifreeze concentrate Turbo, also from Nigrin, remains effective up to minus 60 degrees Celsius. Here the 5-liter canister will cost 9.99 euros from November 4th. A thermal window protector is available for 2.99 euros to protect against a frozen window in winter and against heat build-up in summer. So that seats and trunk carpets don’t get so dirty in winter, a tailor-made trunk mat with a non-slip top for 6.99 euros and various car seat covers for 16.99 euros per set will also be available at Lidl from Thursday. Additional accessories such as various LED flashlights and tools (including a cordless drill) will be on offer at Lidl from Thursday.

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