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Jigsaws, plunge saws, angle grinders and many devices for domestic welding work will be heavily discounted from Lidl from Thursday. We have taken a look at the Lidl brochures for you – here is all the information!

Parkside welders on sale at Lidl

According to the current brochure, Lidl will be offering several welding machines from August 5th. According to Lidl, the PIFDS 120 A1 flux-cored wire welding machine can be steplessly adjusted from 25 to 120 amps. The two meter long welding cable can be used with 0.6, 0.8, 0.9 and 1 millimeter welding nozzles. Included in delivery: 0.45 kg of welding wire, a torch nozzle, four welding nozzles, a welding protection shield and a slag hammer. The PIFDS 120 A1 is available at a price of 99.99 euros.
Anyone who prefers other types of welding in addition to cored wire or would like to be as flexible as possible might be interested in the Parkside 4-in-1 multi-function welding device PMSG 200 A2. According to Lidl, the PMSG 200 A2 offers four welding processes in one device: MMA (stick electrodes), flux-cored wire, MIG (inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas). Welding current and voltage are shown on digital displays. According to Lidl, there are extensive accessories included, including a protective mask, filler wire and a slag hammer. The device is available for EUR 199.00.

Jigsaw and saber saw on sale

Also from Thursday, Lidl will be offering the pendulum action jigsaw PSTK 800D3 with a three-stage adjustable pendulum action (0″, 22.5″ and 45″). The jigsaw including carrying case is available for EUR 29.99. The associated saw blades are sold in sets of 5 (metal , wood or universal) for 2.99 euros each.

The PFS 710 D3 saber saw has a stroke length of 20 millimeters and an idle stroke rate of 0-2800/min. In addition to the saber saw, there are two saw blades and a carrying case for EUR 39.99.

A plunge saw is suitable for working on wood, plastic or lightweight materials such as plasterboard. From Thursday, Lidl will be offering the Parkside PTSS 1200 at a price of EUR 89.99. It has a spindle lock mechanism and a continuously inclinable saw blade at an angle of 90 to 45 degrees. The offer includes a universal saw blade and a guide rail.

Selected tool offers on Amazon and Ebay

More tools at Lidl

Lidl is now offering the Parkside PWS 230 D4 angle grinder at a price of EUR 39.99. The grinder has a 3-way adjustable main handle and, according to the manufacturer, has a speed of 6500 revolutions per minute. The pane size is 230 millimeters.

Also on offer: the PHLG 2000 FS hot air gun from Parkside. According to Lidl, the 2-stage blower is useful for working on a wide variety of materials: detaching, deforming or heating at temperatures of 350 or 600 degrees Celsius. There are also reducing, spatula, surface and grill lighter nozzles for 14.99 euros.

To fill up the bit collection, Lidl offers a 41-piece bit set or a 31-piece ratchet bit and socket set for EUR 8.99 each. For 6.99 euros each, you can choose between different bit sets in 100 mm, 50 mm or 25 mm sizes. The cheaper sets also include a quick-change bit holder.

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