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Life in a van: traveling as a family with three children in a motorhome

The Lin family and their home.

Courtesy of Dan and Marlene Lin

While many couples stop traveling the world as soon as they have children, Dan and Marlene Lin did the opposite. From 2008 to 2012 the Lins had three children. At the same time, they left their traditional home and moved into a mobile home.

Twelve years later, Dan and Marlene live in an eight square meter mobile home and raise their three children Eva (13), Mila (11) and Luka (8) there.

The family of five struggles with the challenges of the confined space, but travels the world for it. The children get home schooling – in the United States that is possible.

This is how the Lins made their tiny house on wheels the perfect place to raise their three children.

A couple travels around the world with three children in an eight-square-meter mobile home – this is how they combine travel and school

This text has been translated from English. You can find the original here.


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