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Life in the Van: That’s how much money these three couples spend a month

Alexandra Napoli and Frankie McCullough

One advantage of the corona pandemic: It is currently so much easier to realize your own fantasies about life in a van (#vanlife).

According to studies, around 40 percent of the population work from home at the moment. Since many meetings take place in front of a virtual zoom background, hardly anyone can say whether an employee is in their living room or in a national park. RV Industry Association data found that US RV sales this summer increased nearly 11 percent compared to last year. This is certainly partly due to the fact that some employees have moved their home office to the mobile home and thus to the street.

But how much does life in a motorhome actually cost? Three couples who live like this gave us details about their monthly expenses – and it’s actually more affordable than you might think.

Life in the van could be cheaper than expected – three couples reveal how much they spend in a month

This article was published by in January 2021. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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