Limited time: Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon at a hammer price

Update, 02/11/2021 – 7:50 p.m .: The hammer offer has expired, the Switch Lite is still discounted at 189.99 euros, but no longer costs 164.70 euros. But there is a remedy. Amazon has a bundle of Switch Lite + 15 euros eShop credit for 179.70 euros. And that’s effectively back at 164.70 euros for the Switch Lite. Ha, deal!

Original article:

At Amazon you can currently get one Nintendo Switch Lite for a very stable 164.70 euros *. That is almost 65 euros savings compared to the price at the start of sales of 229.00 euros and the cheapest price for the Switch handheld so far. It won’t get much cheaper in the near future!

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the compact handheld counterpart to the classic Nintendo Switch. The biggest difference between the two devices is that you cannot connect the Switch Lite to the TV. It’s a classic handheld. All Switch games work on both consoles. If you already have a classic switch and are considering switching because you play a lot in handheld mode, it can be worthwhile. The Switch Lite is not only significantly lighter, but also much more ergonomic. The author can assure you of this from his own experience.

If you have already planned to buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Switch-Lite bundle with that game can be worthwhile. This is also currently drastically reduced at Amazon and available for 237.00 euros instead of 289.99 euros.

Included is a normal Switch Lite and the game in the form of a download code.

Indicator for Nintendo Switch Pro?

Some believe the sharp drop in price may be an indicator of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro. It is clear that a new switch variant has been in the making for some time. Most recently, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa fueled the rumors himself to investors when the current annual report was presented. You have to make no announcement “in the near future”. The price drop of the Switch Lite is not an indicator of an upcoming announcement. A few months ago, the device was much cheaper for around 175 euros.

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