Linkedin wants to bring local retailers from your region into online trading

A regional online marketplace is designed to support local businesses.

A regional online marketplace is designed to support local businesses.

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Stationary retailers still sometimes do not have their own online shops. Small owner-operated shops in particular often continue to be exclusively stationary and not online. The business network Linkedin and hosting provider GoDaddy now offer an online marketplace where stationary retailers can present themselves.

Under the domain, retailers as well as catering establishments can register and set up their own website. Within a few minutes, the owners should be able to register and save the business in the database, according to Linkedin.

Support local businesses in Corona time

Consumers can enter their search term and location and receive suggestions in their area – including contact options. In this way, local businesses can be supported during the Corona period. The platform should be free of charge for dealers and consumers.

“We not only attract the attention of with the reach of our community, but also offer the retailers a platform on which they can exchange ideas and further educate themselves with other affected parties as well as experts,” said Barbara Wittmann, Country Manager Germany at LinkedIn , in a company announcement.

Strong competition for Linkedin

However, the network faces stiff competition. Most of the search queries are finally carried out via Google and the group operates a similar, also free database, “My Business”.



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