LinuxWelt 3/2022 at the kiosk: The big terminal guide

In the new Linux world you will find, among other things, a complete overview of all important terminal commands. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

File managers are among the most important tools of any operating system. Copying, moving or deleting files or folders is one of the most common tasks on the PC. in the post

File manager for Linux

we introduce you to the most important Linux file managers.

Some, but by no means all desktop distributions offer a largely complete graphical system usage. Nevertheless, the terminal under Linux remains indispensable. Our special

The terminal guide

categorizes the most important tools and provides practical examples.

DSL routers that are no longer used can often be used elsewhere. Some of the standard software already offers interesting functions that you only have to activate. Even more is possible with alternative firmware. In the guide

Continue using old routers

Learn more.

You can read that and much more in the new LinuxWelt 3/2022 – order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

A selection of topics in the new Linux world:


  • home network tuning.

    LAN & WAN: A plea for a better LAN instead of more cloud

  • The magazine DVD: All content.

    Systems, tools, software & PDFs

  • Distributions on booklet DVD.

    Pop OS, Zorin OS, Manjaro & Co.

  • The download DVD.

    Four top repair systems

Special 1: The big terminal guide

  • The terminal guide.

    Getting started: where you need the terminal, what variants it comes in and how to optimize it

  • The command overview.

    What are you up to? The overview categorizes the most important Linux commands by topic

  • The sample collection.

    This is how it works: The example collection contains typical and practical commands for all tools

Special 2: Optimize home networks

  • Coming: Fritz-OS 7.50.

    New firmware: In addition to Wireguard VPN, there are numerous performance and function improvements

  • Fritzbox via command line.

    IP queries, connection data, reconnect? In this way you can access almost all Fritzbox functions in the terminal

  • Old routers – new roles

    Tasks for old routers: standard firmware and openwrt establish new repeaters and access points

  • IP addresses & device names.

    IPv4/IPv6 addressing: Home admins with server services need to know these basics

Software & Distributions

  • distributions in the browser.

    Testing without ISO download: A web service enables non-binding testing of Linux systems

  • Android apps on Linux.

    Waydroid, Anbox, virtualization: If you want to use Android apps on Linux, you have several options

  • Messenger on Linux.

    Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Element, Threema: There are Linux solutions for all messengers

  • text automation.

    Espanso for desktop hobbyists: A fresh tool brings global text modules for Xorg and Wayland interfaces

Network & Servers

  • Raspberry Pi 4 and Kodi.

    HDR: With new Kodi, the Pi creates high-resolution 4K playback

  • Multiboot for the Raspberry.

    System selection on large SD cards: Pinn & Co. make multiboot arrangements easy

  • Yunohost: Servers made simple.

    On Raspberry or PC: Yunohost is the easiest way to the server

  • S3GPIO for Raspberry.

    GPIO programming: new scratch functions for professionals


  • Tips for beginners: Manage data better.

    More space, overview and speed thanks to data efficiency

  • Tips for beginners: save electricity

    Save electricity and protect devices: Software tools and hardware helpers reduce device runtimes

  • desktop tips.

    Tips & tools for the Linux desktops Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE, XFCE and others

  • console tips.

    Tools & tricks, including the ultra-fast file search Plocate

This is what you will find on the DVD:

  • Zorin OS 16 Core (64 bit)

    The new Zorin OS 16 Core is particularly beginner-friendly with a heavily modified Gnome desktop, which is designed in the style of Windows 10/11. A proven Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS with a wide range of software works under the surface. The system is also available as an ISO file on DVD.

  • Pop OS 21.10 (64 bit).

    The desktop of this Ubuntu variant from notebook specialist System76 is also based on Gnome (3.38), which has been given its own window management and new control elements with extensions, patches and additional tools. The system is also available as an ISO file on DVD.

  • Manjaro 21.2 LXQT (64-bit)

    Not pure Arch Linux, but with a comfortable installer: Manjaro is quickly set up with the help of the established Calamares installation program. The desktop is a brand new, but still slim LXQT 1.0 with an attractive finish. The system is also available as an ISO file on DVD.

  • Antix 21 (64-bit).

    The Debian system has specialized in older hardware and therefore works with the particularly slim desktop Icewm. Unlike an original Debian 11, Antix does not use a systemd for service management. The system is also available as an ISO file

    on DVD.

  • LxPupSc 21.04 (64-bit).

    The particularly small system comes from the large Puppy Linux family and is optimized for low resource consumption and designed as a pure live system. LxPupSc is built from Slackware packages and comes with an attractive English-language LXDE desktop.


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