LinuxWelt 4/2022 at the kiosk: DIY Linux!

In the new Linux world you can read, among other things, how to put together your perfect system. We also present the new Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in detail. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

The new Ubuntu with Long Term Support is here and not only delivers many improvements, but also a tangible bone of contention. In version 22.04 LTS, the standard browser Firefox is only available as a snap package. Snap is a container format for Linux used primarily by Ubuntu maker Canonical. It offers benefits but is controversial in the Linux community. Still, Canonical pushes it through. The disadvantages of Snap include that Snap programs often start slower and are always significantly larger than their commonly installed counterparts. Perhaps the most critical point, however, is that the Snapcraft snap store is controlled by Canonical. A real no-go for many open source advocates. Because that is a break with the open structure of Linux. Canonical doesn’t seem to care. In our special on the new Ubuntu, we not only report on the current problems with Snap, but also present the many interesting improvements in version 22.04 LTS, such as kernel 5.15 and desktop Gnome 42.

You can read that and much more in the new LinuxWelt 4/2022 – order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

A selection of topics in the new Linux world:


  • Firefox in ash.

    Ubuntu 22.04 and Firefox: Why Snap delivery will hurt the Mozilla browser

  • The magazine DVD: All content.

    Overview of the DVD: All systems, installers, tools, software & PDFs in shorthand

  • Distributions on booklet DVD.

    Presentations of the DVD systems: Fedora 36, ​​Parrot Architect 5.0, Slax 11.3 and Gparted Live 1.4.0

  • Linux News.

    News and trends relating to Linux, open source, IT security and Linux-related hardware

Special 1: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

  • The new Ubuntu 22.04.

    Kernel – System – Software – Desktops: This is new in Ubuntu and its official derivatives

  • Installation and Upgrading.

    Guide for all installation variants: How to bring Ubuntu 22.04 to every computer

  • Set up & optimize.

    Obligations & Options: A Guide to Initial System Obligations and Desktop Customization (All Ubuntus)

  • bugs and flaws.

    Known bugs in Ubuntu 22.04: You should know these bugs in order to work around them successfully

Special 2: Homemade Linux

  • Linux as a kit.

    Introduction: How distributions and end users get creative with Linux components

  • Immutable Linux.

    Immutable and Stable: Immutable Linux uses a read-only system base

  • Intel Clear Linux.

    Intel’s special distribution Clear Linux: Is it worth using on hardware with Intel processors?

  • Shrink kernel.

    Shedding Compatibility Ballast: How to Compile a Custom Kernel


  • Linux doubly protected.

    How to secure your system: A plea for a firewall, password manager, virus scanner, Apparmor

  • Brilliant VLC tricks.

    Universal player VLC: The guide explains the basic operation and sophisticated special functions

  • Editor Visual Studio Code.

    Microsoft’s code editor under Linux: Why this software is not only interesting for programmers

  • Music with Qtractor.

    Sequencer for Linux: Qtractor is suitable for hobbyists with semi-professional demands

Network & Servers

  • Ten years of Raspberry Pi.

    Review and current market situation: What can the Raspberry really do and what can it cost?

  • 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS.

    New OS variant: The future belongs to the 64-bit system, but there is no rush to make the switch

  • Smart Home with Hoobs.

    Smart home barriers: Hoobs on Raspberry simplifies connection to Apple’s Homekit

  • Heating control with Pi.

    Ambitious Raspberry project: This is how the circuit board computer controls the heating system


  • Tips for beginners: Simplify Linux systems.

    In this way, Linux systems can be significantly simplified while sacrificing high security requirements

  • desktop tips.

    Tips & tools for the most important Linux desktops Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, XFCE

  • console tips.

    New tools & tricks, including the script fr (“Find and Replace”) for easy searching and replacing

  • hardware tips.

    New hardware tips including how to update Samsung SSD firmware

This is what you will find on the DVD:

  • Manjaro Architect 21.2 (64-bit).

    Installer for Arch-based system with large desktop selection

  • Fedora 36 Installer (64-bit).

    Desktop Linux with Gnome 42 and a wide range of desktops

  • Parrot Architect 5.0 (64-bit).

    Installer for Debian-based derivative with desktop selection

  • Slax 11.3 (64-bit).

    Mini surfing system as LinuxWelt edition with Firefox & Chromium

  • Gparted Live 1.4.0 (64-bit).

    Partitioner Gparted on standalone live system

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Gnome (64-bit).

    Canonicals major edition with Gnome version 42

  • Xubuntu 22.04 “Core” (64-bit).

    Ubuntu edition with XFCE 4.16 and minimal software (“Core”)


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