LinuxWelt 5/2020 at the kiosk: Linux always under control

The new Linux world comes with the two exciting specials “Linux always under control” and “Productive desktop tools”. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

Ubuntu, Mint & Co. are quickly set up. But as with any system, there are options that speed up the system and make it more efficient to use. In the article

System turbos for Ubuntu & Co.

is about system-related performance tips.

If programs run tough, the hardware doesn’t have to be to blame. It is most often due to overloaded user configurations, which suggest a reset of the profile. Depending on the software, there are other tuning options. In the guide

Turbos for programs

Learn more.

In the post

The 25 best desktop tools

you will find a selection of specialized software, which we recommend in part in general, in part to certain target groups.

You can read that and much more in the new LinuxWelt 5/2020 – order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

A selection of topics in the new Linux world:


  • Focus on desktop:

    A booklet for the Linux desktop

  • DVD contents overview:

    Overview of all DVD content

  • Distributions on booklet DVD

    Fact sheets for Ubuntu Mate, Fedora, surf system and Rescatux

  • Linux Mint 20:

    What’s new? A first run through the updated Linux Mint

  • Manjaro 20:

    What makes this arch-based system so attractive?

  • Chrome OS for everyone:

    Google system tricked: This is how it works on any notebook

  • Linux news:

    The latest news and trends in Linux and Open Source

Special 1: Linux always under control

  • Turbo for Ubuntu & Co .:

    System tuning: How to optimize system activities and memory usage step by step

  • Fast system start:

    Booting and logging in: How to release boot brakes and simplify system logon

  • Unlock hatches with USB:

    Systems with partition encryption: A USB stick can replace password entry

  • Hard drives with SSD cache:

    New role for small SSDs: In the LVM network, SSDs accelerate slow data hard drives

  • Turbos for programs:

    Browser, Office, VLC: How to remove configuration brakes and speed up temporary data

  • Speedways on the desktop:

    Save clicks and keys: Abbreviations make terminal and desktop easier and faster


  • XFCE desktop tuning:

    Logical – classic – economical: “X-Face” has its undisputed place as a serving and adaptable surface

  • Kodi: multimedia for everyone:

    Playback, streaming, remote control: the media center brings videos, music and internet streams to almost any device

  • Android programming:

    Programming course with sample app: How to program your own Android apps

  • Inkscape 1.0:

    Milestone 1.0 after 16 years: A brief introduction to version 1.0 of the vector drawing program

  • New software:

    12 new versions briefly introduced: Audacity, Digikam, Libre Office u. a.

Network & hardware

  • More security with Ipfire:

    Firewall for the home network: How Ipfire works behind the router

  • Host Bitwarden yourself:

    Password manager on your own server: How to use the software without

  • IFTTT campaigns on the web:

    Useful or playful? IFTTT links your web activities

  • Raspberry as Mac OS ?:

    Twister-OS imitates Windows XP and Mac-OS on the Raspberry 4

  • Raspberry with Ubuntu 20.04:

    Quickly installed & tested: Ubuntu Server 20.04 with long-term support

  • Raspberry 4 well chilled:

    Hot raspberry: How to bring the board to normal temperature


  • Virus-proof home network:

    Linux helps Windows: The right infrastructure with a Linux server including a virus scanner protects the Windows systems in the network

  • Dinosaurs (1): Rclone:

    Linux oldie with utility: Why the cloud copier Rclone is indispensable

  • Dinosaurs (2): Emacs:

    Emacs polarizes: Why this editor loves everyone who doesn’t specifically hate it

  • Desktop tips:

    New tips & tricks for the Linux interfaces Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon & Co.

  • Console tips:

    Tricks & Help: Protect files (including root) and use the Linux Command Library

  • Hardware tips:

    Tricks and hardware for WLAN optimization and digitization of mini disks (among others)

  • Software tips:

    New tricks for Skype, Thunderbird, Libre Office, Veracrypt and Gimp

You can find this on the DVD:

  • Ubuntu Mate 20.04 (64 bit):

    Ubuntu with the popular Mate desktop

  • Fedora 32 (64 bit):

    No live system: Installer for the latest Fedora 32

  • LinuxWorld surfing system 5-20 (64 bit):

    Porteus-based live system with browser selection

  • Rescatux 0.73 (32/64 bit):

    Repair system for the grub boat environment

  • Linux Mint 20 (64 bit):

    Standard edition with the Cinnamon desktop

  • Manjaro 20 LXQT (64 bit):

    Arch variant with simple installer & graphic centers

  • “Extras and tools”

    Boat helper & hardware analysis: HDT, Supergrub, Memtest, HDT, Plop, DBAN

  • LinuxWelt Digital XXL (PDF):

    329 pages of basic technical articles and distribution guides

  • 50 manuals (PDFs):

    50 e-books on distributions, open source software and programming


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