LinuxWelt 5/2022 at the kiosk: Linux safer than ever!

In the new Linux world you can read, among other things, how to protect your system and network, fight viruses, secure the WLAN, encrypt data, set up the VPN and much more. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

50 Awesome Linux Helpers:

Searching for treasures (and finding them if possible) has always been one of the activities that fascinate everyone: the thrill of searching or the adrenaline rush of finding them leave no one indifferent. However, there are exceptions – hours of browsing, for example, on websites that are difficult to understand or in tool listings on the Internet is not necessarily for everyone. Nor will loading, installing, trying out and deleting the found tools be everyone’s favorite pastime – and some may long back to the days when there was more or less only one tool for every task. In order to save you the search for the best tools for your tasks, we have compiled 50 very good system tools in the new Linux world that are second to none. Be it for classic system tasks, for file management, hardware maintenance or network access – our tools usually go far beyond what the integrated standard tools can do. And best of all: You can concentrate on trying things out without having to spend a long time searching.

You can read that and much more in the new LinuxWelt 5/2022 – order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

A selection of topics in the new Linux world:


  • Introduction.

    Useful system accessories: The best tools belong on every system – but only the best!

  • The magazine DVD: All content.

    Systems, tools, software & PDFs

  • Distributions on booklet DVD.

    Profiles for Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, Peppermint and others

  • Linux News.

    News and trends around Linux, open source and IT security

  • Productive system tools.

    Mandatory additions: These mostly indispensable helpers complete desktop and server Linux

  • System and hardware information.

    The best information tools: These tools know your system

  • System protection and backup.

    More than just data backup: Backup specialists ensure optimal system protection

  • network tools.

    Communicative and secure: These tools make network exchange easier and more secure

Special 2: Security & Privacy

  • Secure data: basic rules.

    System protection, Internet security, data protection: Each area requires its own measures

  • Gocrypt encryption.

    Replacement for outdated Ecrypt FS: Gocrypt encrypts the home directory

  • Secure NAS server.

    Less is safer: why you shouldn’t take advantage of all the bonus services NAS devices offer

  • VPN: Secure and anonymous.

    VPN Evaluation and Practice: How to set up VPN and what to expect from it

Software & Distributions

  • Endeavor OS: Swift Arch.

    In the test and on the DVD: Why is the Arch-based Endeavor OS currently so popular?

  • Chrome OS Flex.

    New Linux from Google: For whom and for which hardware the operating system is interesting

  • Czkawka: Duplicate search.

    New alternative to fslint and rdfind: Czkawka finds more than just files with the same name

  • New: Inkscape 1.2.

    Vector Graphics for Illustrations: Inkscape gets new features and improved usability

Network & Servers

  • Board Odroid M1.

    In the test: The Raspberry competitor convinces with connection options and silent coolness

  • Nextcloud in the home network.

    The Nextcloud services: What is worthwhile for intranet use

  • Modernized True NAS 13.

    Powerful but demanding: The NAS system is aimed at professionals

  • MX Linux for Raspberry Pi.

    Alternative to Pi-OS: The system is particularly fast and undemanding


  • folders and files.

    Copy, move, name, organize: This is how you work more effectively with the file manager, terminal and interesting auxiliary tools

  • console tips.

    New Terminal Tips: Highlights include a pretty system monitor and creative folder navigation

  • hardware tips.

    New hardware tips, including Bluetooth/audio, optimal SATA configuration and grub with sound

  • software tips.

    Tips on Firefox, Libre Office, Thunderbird and the cryptographic tool Horcrux

This is what you will find on the DVD:

  • Peppermint OS 5-22-2022.

    Web-focused Debian-based desktop system with XFCE

  • Ubuntu Mate 22.04 LTS.

    Official Ubuntu variant with a beginner-friendly Mate

  • Xubuntu 22.04 LTS.

    LinuxWelt edition with fast Firefox as DEB installation

  • OpenSuse Leap 15.4.

    Graphical netinstaller for the current open Suse Leap

  • Void Pup 22.02.

    Pure puppy live system with a minimalist concept

  • Endeavor OS 22.6 “Artemis”.

    Very fast Arch Linux with installer and configuration tools


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