LinuxWelt Extra 3/2022 – now at the kiosk

In the new LinuxWelt Extra we give you an overview of the most important Linux commands. You will find the complete archive of the LinuxWelt magazine on the DVD, 18 years on more than 10,000 pages. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

With the right Linux commands, you always have your system under control and complete all tasks quickly, easily and with the necessary security. This issue aims to provide an overview of the most important Linux commands that is as compact and practical as possible. So you can use it as a reference for commands whose exact names or options you don’t remember right now. A glance at the magazine is enough and you will definitely find what you need. Examples of the most important Linux commands complete the command overview and also make the booklet a textbook.

The 10 most important Linux commands for beginners

The 10 most important Linux commands for network and internet

Linux commands have a special power: They not only do the task at hand, they also empower the user to operate almost any Linux distribution. Because while the graphic user guides of the systems sometimes differ greatly from one another, control via terminal commands works the same on almost all systems. And the commands remain unchanged for years and decades. Your knowledge of Linux does not become obsolete, but is always up to date. The new LinuxWelt Extra 3/2022 – now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop!

The most important Linux commands

  • 30 x Linux power.

    Powerful commands – ingenious tools – Linux unique selling points: This treasure trove of outstanding Linux functions makes your everyday PC work and your network safer, faster, more mobile and more convenient

  • The terminal guide.

    Getting started: where you need the terminal, what variants it comes in and how you can optimize it

  • The terminal guide: command overview.

    What are you up to? The overview categorizes the most important Linux commands by topic

  • The terminal guide: collection of examples.

    This is how it works: The example collection contains typical and practical commands for all tools

  • Unknown features.

    Cool Linux functions with potential: You should know these hidden possibilities

  • Awesome terminal tools.

    How to add functionality and ease of use to the bash terminal

  • Search & find everything.

    Name, size, age: With these tools, you can quickly search for file attributes

  • Samba in the terminal.

    The Smbclient tool: This gives you direct access to Samba shares in the terminal

  • terminal amnesia.

    Tips against forgetting: How to find important commands again at any time

Tips for your Linux

  • Desktop Secrets.

    How to use buried options in KDE, Gnome and Cinnamon

  • Unknown Linux tools.

    Cubic, Stacer, Xcalib? These specialists make day-to-day system work more convenient

Management for professionals & beginners

  • The big ABC of file processing.

    The great guide to all file-related tasks:

    • Naming and path conventions

    • File and content search

    • Special filter for size & date

    • Copy and sync

    • Delete and Compress

    • File ownership and file permissions

    • Format conversion

    • Linux configuration files

    • Automatisms

network tricks

  • Always accessible via SSH tunnel.

    Tunnel drilling: How to get to your server from the outside

  • Fritzbox via command line.

    IP queries, connection data, reconnect? In this way you can access almost all Fritzbox functions in the terminal

  • Coming: Fritz-OS 7.50.

    New firmware: In addition to Wireguard VPN, there are numerous performance and function improvements

Linux in tables

  • Linux directory structure.

    The “Linux in Tables” section provides you with all the important Linux commands, tools and information in compact and clear tables. It starts with a listing of the typical Linux folder structure

  • System, hardware & task information

  • System and configuration files

  • Terminal Essentials

  • On the Network: Commands & Tools

  • System services under Linux

  • System and terminal hotkeys

  • Hotkeys: Desktop & File Manager

  • Linux distributions at a glance

You can find it on the DVD of the booklet

  • Linux on a large scale: The DVD is packed with attractive Linux systems that run the operating system from

    show his best side. Also included is an updated rescue system. Besides that

    you will find all LinuxWelt editions from 2004 to 2021 as well as 35 manuals on the DVD.


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