LinuxWelt XXL 2/2022 Linux instead of Windows – now at the kiosk

In the new LinuxWelt XXL you can read on 196 pages how to switch from Windows to Linux. On the issue DVD you will find some carefully selected Linux distributions as an alternative to Windows 10 and 11. Now at kiosks and in the PC-WELT shop.

You can start the transition to Linux with peace of mind. On our DVD you will find the popular Linux Mint system as a so-called live system. Boot fully functional from the DVD and try it out safely. Changes on the PC do not take place. If you then remove the DVD and restart the computer, everything is the same as before. Advantages of Linux: The free Linux operating system is free, secure and stable. It runs on almost any computer and can be customized. A large online community is happy to help with questions, and most systems can be tested live before installation. There are no hardware restrictions like Windows 11. So everything speaks for a Linux migration. Advice in the issue: In this issue you will find all the information you need for a simple switch to Linux – including information on which of the many Linux systems are particularly suitable for those switching and how you can also use Linux and Windows at the same time. The new LinuxWelt XXL 2/2022 – now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop!

A selection of the topics in the new LinuxWelt XXL:

For beginners and those switching

  • Linux instead of Windows 11.

    Virtualization, parallel operation, replacement: You decide whether the transition is hard or soft

  • Linux for changers.

    What Windows users most urgently need and which distributions meet this requirement

  • Linux desktops versus Windows 11.

    Why Linux desktops are superior to the Windows 11 interface

  • Linux desktops: Chic & functional.

    Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Cinnamon & Co: The guide shows the advantages and disadvantages of Linux desktops

System maintenance for your Linux

  • Linux as a long-distance runner.

    Ubuntu and other long-term systems: Sustainability starts with the right distribution

  • Update and Upgrade Guide.

    Regular updates are mandatory

  • rolling releases.

    The radar check shows the advantages and disadvantages of important rolling distributions

  • System optimization for Linux Mint.

    This is how you use the system centers and the Mint tools optimally

  • The LinuxWelt toolbox.

    Editor’s software center: How to use the toolbox

  • Tools for Ubuntu & Mint.

    These tools should not be missing on any desktop

  • Network & Internet.

    Samba, Apache, remote maintenance: How to expand the network with additional functions

  • Multimedia.

    If you need more than pure playback, you will find proven additions in the toolbox

Security for your data

  • Mobile privacy.

    Encrypt notebooks and USB media: How to choose and use the best tool

  • Secure network shares.

    How to dose releases in typical home network scenarios

  • data in the cloud.

    How cloud and data protection can be reconciled

  • Open PGP in Thunderbird.

    Since version 78, Thunderbird has simplified data protection

optimize network

  • New: Fritz-OS 7.5.

    In addition to Wireguard VPN, there are numerous improvements

  • Fritzbox via command line.

    In this way you can access almost all Fritzbox functions in the terminal

  • Old routers – new roles.

    Use DSL routers that are no longer in use elsewhere

  • IP addresses & device names.

    Home admins need to know IPv4/IPv6 addressing


  • What to look out for.

    These are the criteria for optimal hardware support

  • Disk for Linux.

    What you should know about SATA, SATA SSDs and NVMe SSDs

  • Servers, mini PCs, circuit boards.

    The guide will help you to choose the right device class

  • Printers & Peripherals.

    Which performance which USB standards really bring

You can find it on the DVD of the booklet

  • The booklet DVD presents current Linux systems that score points on the desktop and can be an alternative for Windows. There is also a new version of the LinuxWelt rescue and live system.


Linux World XXL 2/2022

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