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liquids and electronics may remain in the bag at Schiphol

Good news for travelers at Schiphol who do not feel like ‘hassle’ during the check. Containers with liquids, their phones and other electronics can simply stay where they are.

You may recognize it: you are standing in line at the security check and very quickly empty your water bottle. Suddenly you realize that you still have your contact lens solution and your disinfectant gel somewhere in your bag, but where again? And where are those plastic bags where you have to put it in? Are they actually there? Stress all over, and then you are not even on the plane. But there is some light at the end of the Schiphol tunnel.

Passengers at Schiphol

Passengers traveling via Schiphol Airport no longer have to remove their liquids and electronics from their hand luggage at the security check. The airport has completely switched to CT scans to check travelers’ luggage. It took some doing and it took a number of years before everything was completed.

CT scans of hand luggage

According to Schiphol, hard work has been done in recent years to replace the X-ray machines. The first tests with the new scans date back to 2015. Before the summer of this year, the renovated Departure Hall 1 is now fully operational with 21 security gates equipped with CT scans. With the scans, security officers can view the luggage they are checking on their screen in 3D and even rotate it up to 360 degrees.

Liquids in hold baggage

It is also advisable to travelers to transport liquids and gels in their hold luggage as much as possible. In hand luggage, packaging of a maximum of 100 ml is still allowed. These must be transported in a well-known liter bag, so you will before leaving. Packages larger than 100 ml may only be taken along if they are approved at the check by the CT scan and the security officer.

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Saves hassle: liquids and electronics are allowed to remain in bags at Schiphol


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