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Holidu, a search engine for holiday homes, researched the internet behavior of the Dutch. It was examined how often the search terms’ What to do in … [Bestemming]’and’ Activities in … [Bestemming]’are used on average monthly.

Holidu thus came to the next top 10.

1. Zandvoort

740 searches / month

Zandvoort is the most googled destination in the past year. This place on the Dutch coast offers the ultimate opportunity to get some fresh air with friends, family and pets. The beach of Zandvoort is miles long, very clean and is also called the ‘Pearl by the Sea’.

2. Ommen

530 searches / month

In the past year, the Dutch searched on average more than 500 times a month for the terms ‘What to do in Ommen’ and ‘Activities Ommen’.

Ommen is located in the middle of the Overijsselse Vechtdal, a very popular nature reserve among hikers and cyclists. In 2013, Ommen was even voted Walking Municipality of the Year. Ommen is surrounded by the Laarbos and the Ommerbos.

In the Laarbos (also called: the Laerbossen) you will find Landgoed Het Laer, a 17th century manor. The estate now houses a hotel and restaurants.

3. Wells

460 searches / month

Putten is in third place in the ranking. Around Putten you will find the Putterbos, castle Oldenaller and beach Nulde, but Putten is best known for its location on the border between the Veluwe and the Gelderse Vallei.

4. Harlingen

330 searches / month

Harlingen ended in fourth place with 330 searches per month. The Frisian city is a traditionally important port city in the province of Friesland because it is the only seaport in Friesland.

Ferries to Vlieland and Terschelling also leave from Harlingen. In addition, Harlingen has become famous for the little boy who put his finger in the dyke to prevent the city from flooding. There is still a statue of the brave Anton Wachter in town. Beautiful warehouses line the harbor, now transformed into unique residential houses.

5. Zeewolde

310 searches / month

Zeewolde is one of the 6 municipalities in Flevoland that were drained in the 1960s. It has about 22,000 inhabitants and is located directly on the lake Wolderwijd, where on summer days plenty of swimming and water sports are practiced.

For forest lovers, there is the Horsterwold, the largest deciduous forest in Western Europe. In the middle of the forest lies the Stille Kern, where a herd of Konik horses graze. So you can just encounter them on your voyage of discovery.

6. Weesp

280 searches / month

What to do in Weesp? The Dutch have asked themselves this question no less than 280 times a month in the past year.

Weesp is located on the river Vecht, in the Bloemendalerpolder. Fort Uitermeer, a fortress a stone’s throw from the village, is a photogenic place. But hobby photographers also get their money’s worth in the center of Weesp. For example, not only is another fort in the middle of the city, Fort Ossenmarkt, but also the City Hall, now a national monument, is a beautiful piece of architecture.

7. Vaals

270 searches / month

Vaals in Limburg is located at the very tip of our country, right on the border with both Germany and Belgium. You can visit the Drielandenpunt here, located in the middle of the forest.

You will also find the largest European maze, the Three-Country Labyrinth, popular with kids of all ages. Vaalsbroek Castle is now a hotel and restaurant, but is still worth a visit.

8. Elburg

270 searches / month

Elburg is the second Gelderland destination in this list and ends with 270 searches per month together with Vaals in joint seventh place.

Elburg is a unique fortified and Hanseatic city in the Veluwe. There are still numerous buildings from the Middle Ages to be found. The historic fishing port is still the city’s hotspot today.

9. Enkhuizen

250 searches / month

The Noord-Hollandse Enkhuizen, located on both the Markermeer and the IJsselmeer, is in eighth place.

Enkhuizen is also a historic port city with a beautiful old center. You can walk on the old rampart and everything in the center is within walking distance.

The streets are narrow, so there is little car traffic. Many people discover Enkhuizen on foot, by bicycle or by boat.

10. Urk

190 searches / month

Urk used to be an island, so ‘on Urk’, as the residents still say, you can experience the traditional Dutch fishing life. In the streets you can hear the Urk dialect and at the stall you can eat a nice freshly baked fish from the Urk fishermen. The lighthouse, the monuments and the IJsselmeer fish auction are also worth a visit.

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