Litter greatest danger on the beach to contract corona

VLIZ, together with Ghent University and the province of West Flanders, conducted research into the risk of corona contamination on the summer beach. Swimming in the sea or playing with the sand, the risks are small.

But you may not be allowed to swim in the sea for a few days after a summer storm. “The virus does not survive in seawater. But if a lot of waste water ends up in the sea via rivers, canals and ports after heavy rain showers, contamination is possible,” says Jan Seys of VLIZ.

More than ever, litter will be out of the question on the beaches. “The risk is greatest with waste such as cigarette butts, medical protective equipment (eg mouth masks) and plastic objects (eg bottles, disposable cutlery). These items may contain the corona virus. If a child finds something like this on the beach and in the mouth it can get infected. “


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