Live at 20:30: online seminar about new pension system

We will discuss these and many more questions during the online seminar ‘The new pension system: how does it work?’ that RTL Z on tuesday 12 october together with IT company Topicus, specialist in the field of Pension & Wealth. The following key players from retirement land will join the studio:

  • Joanne Kellermann, Chairman of the Board of the Care and Welfare Pension Fund
  • Willem Noordman, chief negotiator pensions FNV
  • Frank Verkade, Director Product Management & Delivery at Topicus Pension & Wealth

The seminar is specifically aimed at professionals from the pension world, employees, directors, advisers and social partners. Viewers can ask their questions live during the broadcast to the above experts and the presentation of the seminar is in the hands of Gerben van Driel.

Pension & Wealth Platform

One of the speakers is Frank Verkade, director of Product Management & Delivery at Topicus Pension & Wealth. He develops and delivers solutions for financial institutions in the form of the Pension & Wealth platform. This platform is purchased by banks and pension providers, with consumers as end users. Verkade therefore looks at the new pension system from different points of view. He is a strong supporter of the new plan: “More personal and transparent, very good. Especially in this time when every person gives meaning to his or her life and career in a different way.”

More personal and transparent?

But how the new plan will actually turn out, according to Verkade, depends on its implementation: “How will this be implemented in the future? Do pension funds mainly opt for the flexible contribution scheme or the solidarity variant? And if the solidarity variant is chosen, how is the desired transparency and individualization achieved? It will be much more than it is now, but how transparent will it become if you compare it to doing your own banking? We are used to being able to log in at any time to see the status of our banking affairs, will this also look like for the new pension plans?”

Personal pension pot

In addition, Verkade wonders whether a number of new measures within the pension law contribute to this transparency: “Consider, for example, the solidarity reserve and the application of protective yield and excess yield. Pension funds will be challenged to properly explain to the participants how their personal pension pot is built up.”


According to Verkade, the aforementioned choices by the pension funds will determine the success of the new pension system. Verkade: “I don’t immediately have a preference for a variant, as long as it leads to the desired and, in my view, necessary transparency and flexibility. I also believe that rapid clarity is essential, because the implementation of the plan will require a major effort for all parties involved. I therefore hope that the seminar will provide answers to such questions, so that we will be able to implement the system in such a way that we continue to have the best pension system in the world.”

Register online seminar

Would you also like to ask your questions about the new pension agreement and hear about the views of the various experts? Register now for the online seminar ‘The new pension system, how does it work?’ on Tuesday 12 October at 20.30 on RTL Z.

This online seminar is made possible in part by Topicus, a specialist in the field of Pension & Wealth. Visit the website to see what their Pension & Wealth platform can do for your business.

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