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Live better: practical tips and products for a nicer home

Live better - useful tips and products at a glance

Live better – useful tips and products at a glance

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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just moved in and are still sitting on boxes or just need a little change of scenery – it always makes sense to design your own four walls in such a way that you enjoy coming home. In order to live better, less is often more. And this principle even benefits the wallet.

How you can live better with little effort

When it comes to furnishing, it always comes down to the big picture, which, in combination with selected details, ensures a successful interior design. You have probably already thought about the color choice in your home and created a concept for it. But did you also think of different patterns and structures? A mix of soft and hard materials as well as rough and smooth surfaces ensures that the eye perceives exciting contrasts – an important point when furnishing a room. And the size of a room and the ceiling height also play a decisive role. For example, give a room more depth by skilfully positioning the mirror. Also choose uplighters and flat pieces of furniture in combination with light colors and vertical stripes (for example on the curtains) to make the living space appear higher.

Live better: 4 products that will help you

1. Armchair bed

mb furniture

Sleeping chair by mb-moebel – 346.00 euros at Amazon *

Have a look around the apartment: Are your rooms perhaps too full and are you lacking structure? Then try to furnish yourselves cleverly and minimalist. An armchair bed * has two functions in one piece of furniture and thus replaces a bulky guest bed in the bedroom or in the office.

2. Chalk paint


Chalk paint from Lignocolor – 23.95 euros at Amazon *

Do you want to give your home a little more character? Then don’t throw away old or boring pieces of furniture, just upgrade them with chalk paint *. So you can create a vintage look with little effort and give your interior more structure and tension.

3. Poster set with frame

4 decor

Poster set with frame by 4dekor – 22.99 euros at Amazon *

Are your walls still plain white? This can be changed easily – choose a few pictures * that match your interior design style and hang them up above the sofa or dining table. If you love it minimalist, a single, but beautiful eye-catcher is enough.

4. Hanging plants


Hanging flower pot by Umbra – 47.99 euros at Amazon *

Last but not least, plants should also move in with you – lively greenery makes an apartment or house a real home. If you have little space for buckets or pots, just let them hang from the ceiling with a stylish vase construction *.

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