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Making feature films is expensive and in order to secure the financing, producers from different countries are often involved in a project. For example, the Bosnian Oscar entry by director Jasmila Zbanic was co-produced by the Dutch N279 Entertainment, the company of Els Vandevorst and Martin Koolhoven.

Zbanic’s film shows the Hell of Srebrenica through the eyes of a local interpreter who worked for Dutchbat at the time. In addition to further financial support from the Netherlands Film Fund and a share in the production of the Dutch Filmmore (which was responsible for the visual effects), actors such as Raymond Thiry, Reinout Bussemaker and Teun Luijkx play a role in Quo vadis, Aida?

With the Danish Pressure by director Thomas Vinterberg (Celebrations, Hunting) a Dutch co-producer is also involved: Topkapi Films by Frans van Gestel. This movie – that as an English title Another Round got – is devoted entirely to booze. Four teachers, including Martin (Mads Mikkelsen), promise to remain lightly misted each other, in the belief that this will make life more enjoyable. Both Quo vadis, Aida? as Pressure are nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

In the margin, two other Dutch people also have a chance at an Oscar party tonight.

Composer Vincent van Warmerdam wrote the music for the Chilean The Mole Agent, a production that is competing for the Academy Award for Best Long Documentary. In addition Sound of Metal, for which the Daniel Bouquet (Chewboy) provided the camerawork, in the race for no less than six Oscars, including Best Picture. Unfortunately, Bouquet’s share in the film was not nominated separately. Still, he will certainly share in the honor if he wins.

Follow the presentation live

The Oscar ceremony will take place on Sunday night from 2:00 am and will be televised by Fox. Or follow the Twitter feed of Telegraaf film journalist Marco Weijers (@marcooo) below for commentary and background.


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