Live stream from Tesla: Hacker sees new function for camera images on smartphone

Some privacy advocates are bothered by this, but many Tesla owners appreciate the sentry or guard function introduced in their electric cars at the beginning of 2019, because with its help many vandals and car intruders have been convicted. If the Tesla guard is activated and registers vibrations or a strong approach, the recordings of the external cameras distributed around the vehicle are saved. At the very beginning, the subsequent access to these recordings was quite laborious, but Tesla has made it easier – and it could soon be possible live on a smartphone.

Remote access to Tesla cameras is to come

This was pointed out by the well-known hacker @greentheonly on Twitter on Saturday, who repeatedly scans Tesla software for possible upcoming functions and has been right a few times (but by no means always). After other users speculated about possible Sentry innovations, @greentheonly spoke up with the information that apparently remote access to the Tesla cameras was close.

In order to save images of the Tesla guard or the dashcam function, Tesla owners previously had to insert their own memory stick into one of the USB ports on board. Model 3 and Model Y recently added a new space in the glove compartment that can be secured with a code, and the stick is included. At first you had to plug it into an external computer to view the recordings. Since a Tesla update in April, they can also be called up directly on the vehicle’s screen.

That alone was a big gain in comfort, but the next innovation goes a lot further, according to @greentheonly. “It looks like there is live streaming of car videos to the phone app,” he wrote on Twitter. This could make it possible, for example, to view the camera images live in the Tesla app when the guard has been triggered – this often happens in busy places without really critical events. Twitter users took the previously hoped-for function to the next level and wanted to communicate with attackers via external loudspeakers or with children or pets waiting in the car inside.

As usual, the discoverer of the software references to the Sentry transmission did not want to decide whether and when Tesla would actually introduce the innovation. However, CEO Elon Musk has announced an update for the time before Christmas that will include both popular and surprising new functions.


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