Live: The anti-Semitism report 2020 in detail

“Anti-Semitism”, in other words “hatred of Jews”, is a centuries-old phenomenon, Sobotka says. “The religious demarcation seems to have become a worldview.” Describing Jews, especially in social media, is about stereotypes that are fact-free, says Sobotka. It is always about “hatred and the Jews as the epitome of evil,” meanwhile Judaism is often equated with Israel.

A lot has been done and happened since the first report in 2018, says Eva Zeglovits. “A lot happened in 2020. Graz and the terrorist attack in Vienna are having an impact. Anti-Semitism is getting louder, not necessarily more.”

From 10.11. until 14.12. the survey was carried out. 2,000 people were interviewed by phone and online.

“The timing of the field research immediately after this traumatizing event is likely to have increased the tendency towards socially desirable response behavior,” says Zeglovits.

Affective anti-Semitism, where Jews are portrayed as “the others”. The vast majority say that statements such as “Jews cannot be expected to be decent” are incorrect. “Jews have little interest in integrating” think 13 percent true. 9 percent believe that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.

According to Zeglovits, people with higher formal qualifications can better understand what is socially desirable.


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