Live: Virus mutation – “100 suspected cases in Austria”

100 suspected cases of virus mutation in Austria

“The phase leading up to Easter will be the most difficult in the pandemic,” says Anschober. There is a “very alarming mood” in all European countries. In some regions such as Great Britain, Ireland and Slovakia, the mutated virus is currently spreading very quickly. Denmark currently estimates the cases at 1,000, Switzerland speaks of 6 percent of those infected who have the mutated variant. There are currently 100 suspected cases in Austria.

To date, 85 million people worldwide have had positive Covid tests, says Rudolf Anschober. There are currently 1,528 new infections in Austria.

To or with Covid deceased: 66.

Reproduction factor: 0.97.

7-day incidence: 149

Vaccinations expected on Friday evening: 87,000. The Minister of Health expects 100,000 vaccinations next Tuesday.

“Obviously there is a change in mood as far as willingness to be vaccinated is concerned,” said Anschober. In the coming week, the first vaccination in the old people’s and nursing homes will be completed. The second vaccination takes place 21 days after the first vaccination. You use “everything

Vaccination doses: 180,000 BioNTech / Pfizer and 10,000 cans from Moderna.

Testing (Monday – Friday): 780,000 tests


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