Live webcast: This is how IT bosses manage devices safely and easily

The provision and collection of smartphones and tablets takes time. A Computerwoche webcast on May 4 explains what stress-free device lifecycle management looks like.

It’s a tiresome routine task: mobile devices have to be provided and set up – and then collected again at the end of their useful life and then properly disposed of or reconfigured. A live webcast from Computerwoche on May 4th at 11:00 a.m. will provide tips for simple and secure device lifecycle management.

Aileen Lohoefner, Senior Account Manager at Vodafone, and her colleague Oliver Paul, Senior Manager Strategic Partner Management, show how IT bosses can create space for really value-adding tasks and save time and money. The focus is always on employee satisfaction and productivity – and of course maintaining security and data protection.

Specialist journalist Thomas Hafen from Computerwoche moderates the live webcast.

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