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Living trend 2021: Sustainable materials in your interior

Interior trend 2021: sustainability

We are becoming increasingly aware of what we eat and what we put on our bodies. The choice is more often for products that are good for ourselves and nature. This trend is also continuing in the luxurious living environment. What you will see a lot:

  • Natural materials
    Just like in 2020, you will see many sustainable materials in the interior in 2021. Materials that you will enjoy for years to come. Think of rattan and bamboo, among other things. Types of wood that do not look out of place in many interior styles. We will also see the trend of light woods, cork and wool. Something that we previously often saw in minimalist Scandinavian interiors, will be reflected in different living styles this year.
  • Recycled materials
    In the interior design industry there is an even greater demand for furniture made from recycled materials. Furniture with a story that is made with respect for nature, people and animals. Think, for example, of furniture made of bioplastic and recycled wood.

Find happiness in vintage finds

In line with the ‘sustainability’ trend, you will also see that vintage items are hot in 2021. In other words, throwing away as little as possible and switching to recycling. Thrift stores, vintage shops and Marktplaats are full of second-hand furniture.

Furniture that is often cheaper than if you were going for new, and you prevent waste of materials. Win win. Also nice: combine vintage items with new stuff.


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